Aishwarya Sakhuja's dreadful experience in Sikkim...


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Our lovable bahu Toasty of Sony TV's Saas Bina Sasuraal played by Aishwarya Sakhuja had a traumatic experience on her recent visit to Gangtok. The actress witnessed the major earthquake that devastated the whole city.

We contacted Aishwarya who shared her journey stating, "Yes I experienced the earthquake and the land slides in front of my eyes. We were planning this trip since three months and were lucky that before we reached the place it suffered the attack. Our flight was delayed and when we reached the area, there were land slides all over the place and it was completely devastated due to the earthquake. We couldn't go ahead and were stuck but there was military camp where we stayed. I am greatly thankful to the military men who helped us."

Due to the mishap, Aishwarya had no choice but to visit another city. "Actually we didn't go where we wanted to as people were mourning and it was not a suitable time for us to have fun. This trip was planned months in advance and I hardly get time off so my family suggested to go to Darjeeling," said the concerned actress.​