Airtel started blocking sites on 11 Oct 2019 ; Bypass Deep Packet Inspection with GoodbyeDPI


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kal airtel ne https walia sites wi block karnia shuru kartia

http te message aunda si ==>

Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.

URL | airtel

kal https walia wi band ho gaiya. Browser error aundi ==>

This site can’t be reached The connection was reset.

Saukha taareeka te ehi hai ki opera browser ch vpn option on karlo.
par eh sirf ik proxy hai jo browser ch chalega.. so isnu poora vpn nahi keh sakde.


system wide solution lai try karo ValdikSS/GoodbyeDPI
Zip file download karo ValdikSS/GoodbyeDPI -- 428 KB

extract karan to baad ander x86 (32 bit windows) te x86_64 (64 bit windows) folder honge.
apne wali windows architecture de folder ander jao

elevated command prompt te ==>

Try goodbyedpi -1 to see if it works too.

Then try goodbyedpi.exe -2. It should be faster for HTTPS sites. Mode -3 speed ups HTTP websites.

Use goodbyedpi.exe -4 if it works for your ISP's DPI. This is the fastest mode but not compatible with every DPI.

flush dns karlo je lod pave. ( dos/ cmd prompt ==> ipconfig /flushdns )

je firwi na gal bane ta ==>

To check if your ISP's DPI could be circumvented, run 3_all_dnsredir_hardcore.cmd first. This is the most hardcore mode which will show if this program is suitable for your ISP and DPI vendor at all. If you can open blocked websites with this mode, it means your ISP has DPI which can be circumvented. This is the slowest and prone to break websites mode, but suitable for most DPI.

^ par is naal dns yandex (russian) wala set ho javega.

us zip file ch .bat files ne je tusi isnu windows ch as service install karna chaunde ho.
is naal har waari pc on karde time is sw nu nahi chalana pavega.


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system wide vale free vpn ch data limited hunda... ya buy karo.
kuj proxy wale sw tuahde pc nu node bana dinde. so loki tuhade pc through wi connect hunde. aiven tuhade resources khai jaan :fp
eh free ch chali janda.. confirmed in airtel & jio.
bas as service install karlo ya startup te pa deo.. aape on ho jana