After Effects


Rampuriya !!
The call came early, catching me unawares
a sandwich in one hand, yellow fingers from Cheetos- devoured.
It was a masculine voice asking for a peculiar name
the blood coursed through my heart
for I knew it was him.

Words flowed in rapid succession
surprising me with our seemingly endless conversation.
I felt his eagerness to be heard and to listen
and my heart soared with happiness and devotion.

Time passed quickly, as in a dream.
A dream I had embraced since our first meeting;
a meeting of two souls with kindred spirits
reaching out through the miles via a keyboard and a modem.

I tremble inside as I hang up the phone, my heart pounds
against my rib cage letting the rush of adrenaline take me.
An unbridled sense of well-being washes over me
because I know we are truly connected... but not by a phone