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Happy New Year​

Every moment is new
whatever is new is in ‘future’!
We wait for ‘future, forgetting the moment in ‘present’
Present is Omnipresent; neither in past or in future
We live in present as our life is in ‘present’, not in the ‘absence’ of past or future!
Action is in present; its fruits are in future
Thoughts are in present; deeds are in future
Words are in present; their execution is in future!
Interest, intent, involvement, enthusiasm, action; all together usher in us ‘feel’
Without ‘feel’ celebrations are mechanical, hence like another moment!
Let every year bring with it, new ‘feel’ in us; that we become more purposeful.
Let each moment bring cheers in life; so we sour high and become our-self!




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Life’s Purpose

Each life has a purpose to serve
Only for those who seek answer to life!

Others who aspire things from life
Indulge ‘an waste away years- just go with the flow!

Each one expects high grades from life: health, wealth, long-life!
Taking stock of their lives, at the far end!

Some repent, some yearn for more years -to fulfill unfilled desires
Years come to end, but desires are still unfulfilled

Added years have not borne fruits or answer still unanswered!
We hire contractors to discharge works, related to day-to-day life.

On completion, contracts come to end, workers are discharged!
No one pays for idle labour or machines; only yielded fruits decide the remuneration!

Some spend long years on earth, but their lives bear no fruit -life wasted!
Shelley, Keats, Swami Vivekananda died young; but left priceless treasure.

They served their life’s purpose and left the scene of life gracefully!
Genius needs not long life to fructify, but ideal canister to blossom.



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Food for thoughts:
Body’s center_just below the navel!
Senses’ center___’harmony’/equanimity between thought-word-deed!
Center of conscious____conscience!


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With Love_from ls.​

Of all human discoveries, love tops the team
Each atom, cell or particle reverberate, its cosmic rims!
Attractive by nature, its core reality is magnetic
Emanating from magnetic (energy), it showers its platinum rays on all!
Wisdom is its byproduct, intellect its reflection!
None escapes its tentacles, even beats sway in entrails.
Of all the beastly populaces, man is the fiercest one;
He glows, even, in its shine.
All beings, elements vibrate kinetic****magnetic energies
Radiations, vibrations, sounds, resonate entire cosmos
All sounds merge in the gaping mouth of cosmic chasm , of
Bliss Eternity of Sat****Ciit****Anandh*_Principle of creation!
*truth, awareness, bliss


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We had flown together in yonder, space,mountains,plains,oceans!
Charted many a trails left marks in the memory of conscious.
Finally made one fine nest settled in its serenity, made peace with life!
Lo, behold! One fine morning, or was it a twilight nightmare,
The bird had flown, leaving the nest restless!
Other one blew his heart out, cried in pain
Only deathly silence was his pallbearer!!
The loyalty of nest ‘dharma*’ was breached,
but no sounds echoed in the empty air!
Their bond of loyalty had been signed, in the quick sands of mind,
Words written in air, water, space, with human tools, are fragile
Gone the next moment of eternity fault….
Ink of love, made in loving hearts, is ethereal.....N0N-ERASIBLE!


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Principle behind each Brahmand (universe)is One
as their Source is One
that Source is Divinity; conscious shield of all

It being the reflection reacts not
It being conscious (ness) of all rebounds not
(For) each Creation has its own memory Seed (Source)
Its own laws of creation-sustenance-destruction
The Supreme (Existence) bear, all but remains detached
Devoid of reaction-rebound-resound, it remains in Bliss

It creates not- creation's activities are involved
it has no laws- its single law is love

Love breeds no thought, emotion or impulse
its love pulses are devoid of impulses
its composition is of stationary particles
Unit of single- Unit
Absolutely free, how it assumes the role of a Creator!
Human mind is too a limited place
for Its conception an splendor

Mind cannot go beyond mind (Creation)
its limits are defined.