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Happy New Year​

Every moment is new
whatever is new is in ‘future’!
We wait for ‘future, forgetting the moment in ‘present’
Present is Omnipresent; neither in past or in future
We live in present as our life is in ‘present’, not in the ‘absence’ of past or future!
Action is in present; its fruits are in future
Thoughts are in present; deeds are in future
Words are in present; their execution is in future!
Interest, intent, involvement, enthusiasm, action; all together usher in us ‘feel’
Without ‘feel’ celebrations are mechanical, hence like another moment!
Let every year bring with it, new ‘feel’ in us; that we become more purposeful.
Let each moment bring cheers in life; so we sour high and become our-self!




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Life’s Purpose

Each life has a purpose to serve
Only for those who seek answer to life!

Others who aspire things from life
Indulge ‘an waste away years- just go with the flow!

Each one expects high grades from life: health, wealth, long-life!
Taking stock of their lives, at the far end!

Some repent, some yearn for more years -to fulfill unfilled desires
Years come to end, but desires are still unfulfilled

Added years have not borne fruits or answer still unanswered!
We hire contractors to discharge works, related to day-to-day life.

On completion, contracts come to end, workers are discharged!
No one pays for idle labour or machines; only yielded fruits decide the remuneration!

Some spend long years on earth, but their lives bear no fruit -life wasted!
Shelley, Keats, Swami Vivekananda died young; but left priceless treasure.

They served their life’s purpose and left the scene of life gracefully!
Genius needs not long life to fructify, but ideal canister to blossom.