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Debt discharged to society, forefathers ‘n’ dear ones
-is an obligation formally discharged
Nation demands duty, religion commands subjugation
call of them all is perfunctory, routinely discharged
They demand, give not
Get served, serve not
Unrequited debt is curse, so are their repercussions
Loyal repayment is that, with no motives attached
Mother’s love is that, her loving hug proclaims that!


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Body divides, creates identities
Mind wavers, revels in objective world
Wisdom centers on Self, seeks individual’s release
Each seeks; wanders in self-imposed exile
Once ties with the self are snapped, true inner image is
- revealed.


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All creations like mind, glitter in dark
When their depth is not reached, human ingenuity fails
Each is a myriad of matter, vast is their expanse
Seen through insight, infinitesimal are their roles.

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Natural things are made
Mind’s fusion unmake relation
What is made mind makes that unmade
What is created by nature, man unmakes that
Made an created are but superficial phenomena
It is that eternal, that springs forth
Divinity in man humanity in man
Nothing else is eternal but Him
Hear, oh man - the call
With reverent heart, silent mind!


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Do Poor Need Religion?

Empty stomach!
pangs of hunger
roofless hearth,
lean body sans clothes

Where muscles be
Protruding bones are dressed by
Where flesh be
caves have dug down to bones
Devoid of health
hearth and mind,
social cripple they are

Do they need an ‘ism,
promise of heaven or
a mystical God?


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Cripples do not need crutches, but stretchers
not homes or store houses of grains
What they need, are mortuaries and barren lands!
to nourish them with(their) bones
to produce more for the have all
Vultures would not nibble them, hunger has done their job!
would they now need religions
to salvage their souls?
They are gone, gone with them are their miseries!
Pot bellies make merry by
wearing solemn masks
They sit in mourning, make speeches, dine, wine, sermonize!
patting the pot bellies, they leave
Religion they have preached, happily they depart.



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Do poor need religion?
Why would poor, need religion, to put right, their moral?
Why would dying, need God, to evade fear of hell?

Heaven ‘n’ hell are the ingenious promise
pot bellies invention
Recklessly enjoying every fruit
produced in Eden’s garden
But forbidden for society outcasts
--social cripples they are!


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New Dawn
Every morning, brings cheers for some hope for others, sames for some
sorrow for some, anxiety waits others
Lazy toss in beds, parasites hope on others chirping of birds,
tolling of bells -induces in some rare energy in full swing for them
each dawn is a challenge!
New heights to surmount, new goals to achieve,
each dawn opens vistas, flood gates of new hopes,
each ray reinvigorates, gloom parched away
every moment is precious, wise do not while away
Grind mill of life, chisel ‘em in dazzling display
each dawn in life, each aeon in time are
symbols of change, ushering new worlds- - blooming new life!


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In all this foul play, destiny hands out a fair play
Pot bellies are inflicted with immorality
finer sensitivities –a boon for have-not
Both are fated to play, reversal fluctuating parts

Those who dwell in palaces, poor they are in morals
others who lack in comforts, morally rich they are
Ones who need the masters, to unshackle their selves
Attached they are, to the masts of sinful boats

In dire need they are, negative tendencies chained them tight
Real poor they are, celestial Master--- they can’t afford.


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Opulence, copulence prevail over minds
intellect is warped, half-truth heaps on
Such minds divide societies
as many creeds creep over
Half-minds seek only half-truths
Reality unveils partially!


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Laten vs. Patent​

Energy in latent state is insentient

When conscious ‘enters’ into energy it become sentient&

-permutes into Nature!

Conscious is, the mind of Nature; Nature is, conscious matter!

Energy, Nature, matter, all are one, are insentient (gross state)

Conscious activates it from latent (state) to patent state!

Conscious is the mind (memory) of Nature*; consciousness is its Mother _the Witness1

Desire propels from emotion: emotion germinates in ‘heart’ (life-force)

Breathing originates from Pranas (life-force); which is ‘conscious –in- energy’

A genuine adept (ascetic/yogi) stops breathing: no breathing, no mind, no desire, and no emotion!

*Some call it ‘primitive mind’


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Seed’s Turmoil​

Seed grows into a tree and it bears fruits, to share it with all….
When fruits ripe they fall down!
From the fruits new seeds are born, which gives a new life!
Seed: tree: fruit: ripening & fall: new seeds take form- Cycle goes on!

Besides fruit, a tree give shade, absorbs carbon dioxide and give oxygen - Greenery
In return suffers injury of pelting stones, wood-cutter’s axe, and human indifference!
Human seed too bears, fruit, which ripens & fall, new seeds bloom, new life grows-_cycle goes on!
Human too suffers their offspring’s hurt!
Life’s turmoil ripens_makes way for posterity!

Everything happens in time, but its calendar remains unaffected!
In our Conscious too, reflections appear and disappear!
-Its shield remains unaffected, blemish- less!
What goes through change is life, but time, eternity remains as a mute witness.


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Any infringement draws proportionate punishment from society
Our every action, at body or intellectual level, pays us back in equal measure
Our thought-word-deed are controlled at every moment of our lives
each thought, word and deed, flash back as reaction, reflection and resound
Thus our
Senses and mind always control us, it is our folly to think otherwise;
we are mere slaves till both of these subjugate us.
Mastery over them both, ensues freedom from repercussions;
as at that level our acts are always, for the welfare of others.

Mind & body are cloaks (molds) of gross manifestations!
Liberation from senses and mind, is freedom par excellence
Each one should seek, realize and be home to joy and bliss