Abstract Thoughts

Learning a few lessons
scholars we acclaim
How cheap are degrees,
cheaply won by rote
Imbibing not life
mere theories we memorize
Storing data in mind
scholarship list we top
Learning few basics
integrated knowledge we lack
True disciple we require
not a hoard of scholars!
Disciple has to know
what he wants to learn
Subjects are many
as are the waves of mind
Mastery of one is difficult
master of all we can’t be.
***A Ray

In purity, I was born –
in perfect (mental) state I enthralled
As life rolled by
I amassed worldly moss
Hatred, envy, anger
were the pass words
Fury of passion I spew
These were home to me
I reveled in them
Jewels of my crown were they
Satan incarnate I was
None thought me
Lo, behold!
An orange robe
Appeared in the smog of my mind
Fluffy hair, majestic gait
on lotus feet
He walked
Melodious voice, adoring person
Love emanating from
each pore Destiny placed me at
- His lotus feet
Changed I was
born anew
Past absolved
new beginning was made
His grace transform diehards
New values sweep
“em afresh
Birthly condition
I was branded again

His name in heart,
I end the journey of this mortal-self.
...a thought on daughter's birthday

Taking sabbatical siesta in the sojourn of life
Dreaming a smile (-ful) memories in the lap of life
I am dousing in the twilight of fleeing dreams
Awake, ‘am fumbling in confusion, find not my ‘self’!
Am I in the dreams! In the dream of dreams! Still groping in ‘me’!
Who I am? A dream or a dreamer! Both are pleasant emissary
In whom I am drowned in my siesta, dreaming, dreaming my lost ‘memories’
Lo, behold! There they are, in my ‘little’ self, the child of our love, the relic of my ‘smile’
I revere in ‘me’; both revel in the gift of ‘present’—the child of our destiny


I searched left an right, high an low
Every nook an corner
(But) When I woke up
I still was searching my lost horizons
They stared me back
Dared me to confront
How meekly I sought
Refuse in them
Only to find stiletto
In my back
I wreaked in pain
They enjoyed the scene
In pain I wreathed
They poked my wounds
Years in pain
Hooked the sadistic in me
I joined their game
Reveled in my misery
Now I enjoyed, they reeled
I made merry in pain, sorrow ‘an grief---they rebelled!
Pain of separation, grief of deceit
Pierce the heart, wrecks it apart
How adoringly I tended my nursery
Love watered their roots
My luck had its day
Destiny mocked maliciously
Bitter were the fruits of love
Cancerous their growth
What promised me heavens
Landed me in hell!

Oh! Pain, how sweet you are!
Take me into your lap, rear me as child
Lull my senses, drowse my feelings
I love even thy paramours, grant them their boon
Tie me in red ribbons
Dye me in their color finish the game
Oh! Mother earth; grant me a boon- would you!
Accurse me so, I leave no imprints
Enough is enough, I say good-bye
Till eternity I bear not
Fruits of seed an wither away-in ignominy

Pain, ailments last with body
Turmoil of mind are borne by conscience alone
Why carry their burdens
Wayside dregs they are
Gross decays with death
Mind is sieved with intellect
In joy they are merged in
Bliss is the ocean they are immersed in
Reap oh! Mind, the fruits so churned
Thy Original home seeks ye!
Past ..
Past is dead wood
Swimming in the stream of present churning in quick sands of future
Every thought-word-deed is in consonance with our past
Present- shapes their direction
Future- would be tailored
Change Is Joy
Nothing that comes---Stays
Nothing that stays—Goes back
Why wait or crave—Drive on
Welcome change—Push on
Coming, going prompts change
Every step is a step forward
Why look back, don’t pine—for the lost
Joy is in change, it ushers u on!
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Every act, word, deed
Become redundant
If not sustained by present
Saving them from oblivion of past
Iron will is the panacea
Roots deep in earth, ego goes sky high
Naïve are those, who fall prey
In transit we are
Transient is our lot!
Mind, oh, mind retracts, leave the low
From high you came, high you go
Source is the destiny, retract the footprints!

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