Abhishek Bachchan lied about the ‘Raavan’ dive?


Prime VIP
When the first promo of Raavan got out, one couldn’t stop raving about the breathtaking dive shown in the first few seconds of the promo, supposedly done by Abhishek Bachchan.

A few days back while talking to an agency, Abhi said that he himself did this dizzy 80-foot dive off from a cliff, claiming it was a life-risking stunt which left the director Mani Ratnam fuming. As Abhi is shown a rowdy local tribal leader in the film who is a deadly villain on the lines of the iconic ‘Raavan’ from Ramayana, obviously this kind of stunt helped to establish his dare-devil character in the film.

But the high claims made by Abhi about the dive don’t hold truth. The original diver MS Balram speaks about the dangerous dive which he has done at the Karnataka Hoggenakkal falls for Abhi. Balram is no stunt-man but a professional diver from Bangalore who was selected to do the dive and also got the rolling credit as Abhi’s body double. The man resembles Abhi a lot in terms of complexion, height and body structure.

However, he is cautious not to start any kind of controversy because of his claim for the dive. Balram is proud of himself that he has done this death-defying stunt for someone like Abhishek Bachchan whom he respects a lot.

That’s like the real hero!