Abhay Deol Follows Aamir's Footsteps

OT Poster

If Aamir has made himself one of the biggest names to reckon with, the onus goes completely to his marketing strategy, his total involvement in the various aspects of the film and above all his total focus on the job at hand.

If these virtues define Aamir Khan as a brand, similar trademarks are being shared by Abhay Deol now. The acclaimed actor who has churned out some of the most liked films of the last calendar in bollywood is making sure that all his films are not only marketed well but made well too.

Abhay's reason to start his own film production house is also part of this strategy. According to a source close to the actor, "Abhay is taking keen interest in the marketing of his films. The actor already has great scripts on his side and what he now needs is the right kind of marketing to make it to the big league. Abhay is taking full control of his future projects in all its aspects just to make sure that the audiences don't miss his act. It seems he has got inspired from Aamir Khan."

Though Abhay's stocks are quite high in bollywood compared to a lot of actors, let's hope the new strategy makes him the next big star.