Aamir Khan to Play Hanuman and Keanu Reeves Ram


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Aamir Khan to play Hanuman to Keanu Reeves' Ram?

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan might play the much revered monkey god, Hanuman, along side actor Keanu Reeves who is set to play Lord Ram in the Hollywood version of the Hindu epic Ramayana.

The Speed/matrix star has been approached to play the character of Lord Ram in the movie based on the mythological character 'Hanuman' and talks are on to cast Aamir Khan in the title role, reported BBC.

The film to be directed by Chuck Russell of The Mask fame, will be produced by NRI producer Uru Patel who came up with the idea of making a film based on Hanuman.

''The Dark Knight'' actor Gary Oldman has reportedly been approached to play the evil Ravana in the movie.....(Till i know i have readed way back Ramboo hero sylvester stalore was choosen as ravana) :kin

Actress Shilpa Shetty was approached to play the role of Sita, but reports suggest that she has already opted out.

Search is still on to find an international face to act as the female lead opposite Keanu Reeves.

Shooting is reportedly expected to start towards the end of this year in Rajasthan.


Well i think aamir is ok actor, but not fit for the role az he is small in height in other word not so good tall heavy build personality...
Well some years back Arnold was also making ramayan.....with hritik as ram... dont know more about that ! and know idea how these hollywood guys will make it... uper niche hue toh this film will be banned to screen hala mach jahna