Aamir Khan faces ‘identity’ crisis On Twitter


Prime VIP

Aamir Khan is all set to join Twitter on July 1. It seems his entry on the micro blogging site is going to be nothing short of a dhamaka. Alas! The star might face a minor problem regarding his user ID, because there are many who are using his name.

Actually, on Twitter there are at least 30-40 different Aamir Khans, if not less. The possible ids like aamir_Khan, khanamir, amir_khan, TheAamirKhan have already been taken. For the fans too, it takes a little time to recognize the authentic ids of the star.

May be Aamir should ask Amitabh Bachchan who cajoled him to join Twitter. A few days back, Big B tweeted, “At dinner with Aamir... coaxing him to come on Twitter. Success comes to those that dare and act!! Convinced the inconvincible Aamir over dinner to come on Twitter.”

The Khan is ready. Let’s see with what unique id he steps into the Twitterville.