A Love to Remember, a Love to Keep


Rampuriya !!
Sometimes life doesn?t go quite as we would have wished,
And many of our goals are less than accomplished.
But we must keep out heads held high and just believe.
Just when I thought no one cared, you were there for me.

Yet, we have never met, I have yet to see your face.
I?m sure your eyes do sparkle and your features full of grace.
I often dream of the day I come in contact with you,
It will be like a feeling that never before I knew.

The first time I see your face, there is no mistake.
I feel so alive I tingle all over, my senses come awake.
I become so overwhelmed I can feel the tears building up.
I hug you tightly and sense your joy just as much.

This embrace lasts but a few seconds, but forever in my mind.
We talk a while, I come to know you?re one of a kind.
The longer I spend with you, the clearer it becomes,
You?re the one I?ve always wanted, you are the one.

Then comes the dreaded time when we must part.
You come empty-handed, but you leave with my heart.
We both grew silent, at the time we should say goodbye.
Our bodies come closer together, your lips touch mine.

I feel as though I?ve come to another world.
My life has taken meaning from this pretty young girl.
My voice then shudders as I stutter out goodnight.
I just stand there watching until you?re out of sight.

I sit down and just wonder if all this could be real.
?Is this girl an angel? Does she feel the way I feel??
If she does, then this thing we have will always be.
In this one day I have fallen in love, as anyone can see.