A Indian movie ban to release in Pakistan


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Indian movie based on kickboxing'Lahore' denied release in Pakistan


The authorities in Pakistan have imposed a ban on the Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan’s film Lahore’s release, reportedly because they are not happy with the title—Lahore (yeah title should be lawhore ;] )...... The Pakistan censor board objected to some dialogues and certain scenes,especially the one which shows a pakistani girl apologising to an indian character

Ironically, the film, which releases on March 19, talks of a peace initiative between the two countries and some portions were shot in Lahore in 2009. Based on kickboxing, the critically acclaimed film has made it to several international film festivals (Houston, Singapore).

The Pakistani authorities, while denying Lahore’s release, also claimed that all Indian films show Pakistan in a negative light.
The film’s director, Sanjay, said that leading Pakistani exhibitor Rashid Khwaja was very happy with the film and was keen on showcasing Lahore in his country. However, Sanjay was later told that the Pakistan censor board had objected to certain scenes, especially the one which shows a Pakistani girl ask for forgiveness from an Indian.

Lahore’s producer Vivek Khatkar said, “Our film doesn’t have anything negative about Pakistan. We called it Lahore because the climax is set in Lahore. Our intention was not to hurt anyone’s sentiments.” The makers of the film now plan to organise a special screening for the Pakistan High Commissioner to India in New Delhi. “I hope the Pakistani authorities will allow the film to release,” said Sanjay.

Produced by Sai Om Film Pvt. Ltd. and being distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures in India, Lahore stars a blend of talented vast like Farouque Shaikh, Nafisa Ali, Sushant Singh, Shraddha Nigam, Saurabh Shukla, Kelly Dorji, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Late Nirmal Pandey & Mukesh Rishi. The film also marks the Debut of Aanaahad & Shraddha Das in the lead pair.

The story of LAHORE is about Veerender Singh from India, played by debutant Aanaahad, who is living with an aspiration to quench the thirst of revenge for a long forgotten wrong doing and restore the lost pride. He has to satisfy the nation and a billion. Though he is a sportsperson, who has to win the Kickboxing Tournament for his nation, but more than this sport, is a vengeance mounting deep somewhere in his heart which is much bigger than any victory. Will he be able to retain the pride of his country as well as fulfill his wish and retaliate back for one ill event that changed his life forever? Is what is to be seen.

Warner Bros sponsored this movie :sim ... :em