A hint of Khatta Meetha


Prime VIP
In director Priyadarshan’s satirical comedy Khatta Meetha, we see Akshay Kumar as a struggling road construction contractor.

Produced by Akshay’s company Hari Om Entertainment Company and also introducing southern beauty Trisha Krishnan to Bollywood, Akshay plays a young Marathi named Sachin Tichkule who is doomed to dream big, but keeps bumbling from one disaster to another. To make things worse for Sachin, the new Municipal Commissioner turns out to be his ex girlfriend (played by Trisha) who now hates him completely.

Hit by one misfortune after another, Sachin realizes that one needs to adopt ingenious means to survive in the corrupt system.

In a light-hearted way, Khatta Meetha reveals the extent of corruption and bribery that’s rampant in the system.

The film is set to release on July 23.​