A dreamer


Rampuriya !!
As I lie asleep, a dream disturbs my slumber
A dream so real it hits me like thunder
Awakening me from my fallen sleep,
My heart racing with a different beat,
Should I lie asleep again and try?
Try to catch this dream again, or cry?
And risk losing a dream so rich with bliss
Like finding true love on that first faithful kiss
These dreams are days and nights gone by
Reflecting upon these times, might you still cry?
Cry, and memories will still blow with the breeze
Because you know this dream was just a tease
Never to share those special moments again
Found only in dreams with a special friend
I look for you although you're far away
In my dreams, to make it through the day
Holding memories that will never fade
Never fade to find that lonely grave
Keeping them, a safe place in my heart
Holding them forever, from me they not part
Now, although I lie wide awake
I can now fall asleep, or at least fake
I realize, deep in my heart
these memories we share will never part
Because now I can lie asleep again
Knowing I have a special friend...
A friend I will love, past the end of time
A friend I love and can always find...
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