92 year old lady,killed 2 cops


Atlanta (WXIA-TV) - Three Atlanta narcotics officers were wounded in a Tuesday evening shootout with a 92-year-old woman in northwest Atlanta. She was shot and killed.

This was supposed to be the routine serving of a search warrant, but things went very wrong, very fast.

Once the gunfire ended, three APD narcotics officers had been shot: one with a graze-wound to the face, and another hit dead-on, center of mass in the bulletproof vest.

They were all transported to Grady Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

A 92-year-old woman -- Catherine Johnson -- lived in the home where the officers tried to execute the warrant. She was killed in the gun battle.

The female victim shot and wounded all three of them (the officers),” said deputy police chief Allen Dreher. “The investigation is going to be ongoing -- I’d say it would be all wrapped up in a period of time, but as we have it, she opened fire on the officers. The officers returned fire, struck and killed her.”

Johnston’s relatives arrived at the scene of the shootout, distraught and upset. The warrant was served at Johnson’s home at 933 Neal Street. The victim’s family says they are convinced the police made a mistake and went to the wrong house.

“They done the wrong house,” said Johnson’s niece, Sarah Dozier. “And they killed her! This lady lived to be 92. She lived to be 92 and in good health. They went in there and she was scared to death.”

According to family members, Johnson lived alone. Dozier says that Johnson did have a firearm. She says she took her aunt to get a permit for that firearm, for her own protection.

Community activist Markel Hutchins has said that he will be in contact with the family to provide support, and to talk to officials to try to find out why this happened.

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