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Think Porsche’s done crafting limited-edition variants of its legendary 911? Think again. Despite building nearly 21 different forms of the 911 (22 in Europe), the folks in Stuttgart have managed to craft yet another: the new 2012 911 Carrera Black Edition.

As the name suggests, the 911 Carrera Black Edition is essentially a 911 Carrera Coupe or a 911 Carrera Cabriolet painted — you guessed it — black. Buyers will be able to pick between either black or metallic black exterior paint, and those who opt for the drop-top will be forced into selecting a black soft top. If that wasn’t enough, both the brake calipers and the aluminum Turbo II wheels are also painted in a matching hue (the latter, however, do receive aluminum accents).
The Schwartz theme continues within, as the Black Edition’s interior is trimmed in a hue matching its exterior. Standard cars receive a monochromatic black interior, capped off with special touches including unique dashboard emblems, white-on-black gauges, a sports steering wheel, bespoke aluminum door sills, and a rear center console painted to match the interior. As is the case with standard 911 Carreras, buyers can opt to have most — if not all — of the interior trimmed in hand-stitched leather, although their color choice is limited to a single color.

Mechanically speaking, both Black Edition models are identical to run-of-the-mill 911 Carreras. Power comes from a direct-injection, 3.6-liter flat-six-cylinder engine, which churns out a solid 345 horsepower. A six-speed manual is standard, although Porsche’s seven-speed PDK dual-clutch gearbox is an option.

Black Edition cars do, however, receive some additional standard content. Porsche throws in a number of amenities into the mix, including a 13-speaker Bose audio system, navigation, the Porsche Communication Management system (i.e. Bluetooth phone pairing), and a universal audio interface.

For those keeping score, that’s roughly an extra $3500 worth of goodies. Remarkably, that may be the only premium a buyer needs to shell out in order to snag one of the Black Edition cars. Pricing for U.S.-bound cars runs roughly $3500 more than standard Carrera models, bringing the coupe’s MSRP to $82,250, and the cabriolet’s base price to $92,250 including destination. Want one? You’ll need to act fast — only 1911 examples will be built for worldwide consumption.

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