You need money to earn more money

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depends on the situation..>d .if u got talent n capability u can do away without havin money n still can earn money...:-? :-?
but if u have money n invest it then u can earn more money but if u dun hve brainsss money alone can't get u the achievementsss...hmmmmm to be or not to be tht is the ques....n mera brain down hunda peyaaa kall nu hor likhangii :k :k :dunno


I guess the saying, where there is a will there is a way, says it all. If you are determined, nothing can stop you.

You might need money to make more money... but there is always a starting point. A point when you have to start from scratch. You might not be able to achieve everything you want in a day or two... but continued effort and planning can help you achieve anything and everything