9 Things You Can Only Do With Your Guy Best Friend


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9 Things You Can Only Do With Your Guy Best Friend

1.) Talk about life problems, especially something that has been bothering you tremendously.

2.) Drink your heart out, laugh like there is no tomorrow and then probably pass out on his shoulder.

3.) You can be brutally honest with him and the same applies to him too.

4.) Taking screenshots of everything and sending to him. And stalking people online together.

5.) Playfully slapping him, laughing and then hugging him because you just love him so much.

6.) Knowing that you can totally not care about what you wear when you're with him.

7.) Dreaming about being successful in life. Together.

8.) Waking him up with a frantic call at 4 am just because you feel like talking and then going back to sleep right on that call, while he lies awake.

9.) You trust him to protect you so much that even walking down scary streets at midnight, hand in hand, without being afraid is now a fearless part of your life.


There is nothing miserable than a guy being a girls best friend, there is no such thing, its just the boy being a little bitch
Yeah i know this is brutal and true.
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