9 Things Every Beer Loving Girl Wants to Say to the World

Miss Alone

Prime VIP
If I had a beer for every time someone came up with a bizarre reason for why girls drink beer, I would, well, be pretty drunk. From the vintage era of advertisements, beer brands have been promoting beer as the quintessential masculine drink, with women only serving as props to prance around the bottle as eye candy. Yes, the men around us grew up watching their favourite sitcom heroes chug one beer after another, but so did we.

Which is why, we find it strange that every time a girl picks a beer over a cosmopolitan, or any other 'girly' cocktail, it's sometimes met with a psychoanalysis of a whole different kind, by our 'manly' men. Yes we can handle the drink and, yes, we genuinely like it. This International Beer Day, we asked girls around us for some of the lamest statements they've heard, or read in equally lame listicles, about girls who drink beer. We're listing them down for the benefit of all concerned.
After all, today is a great day to burst these bubbles. So, if you see us drinking beer at a bar:

We're not trying to be one of the guys.

We can enjoy a beer mug as much as we enjoy a glass of wine.

No, it's not too bitter for our 'feminine' tastebuds. And since when do tastebuds come with gender?

It doesn't make us low maintenance, or tomboyish.

We know our beers well and we don't need you to mansplain. Thankyouverymuch.

We're not drinking beer to come across as the 'cool girls.'

Drinking beer doesn't make anyone an easy lay.

Remember people, this only happens in a beer commercial

You don't get to burp in our faces just because we're cool enough to handle beer. Although, be prepared for a Burp Off, if you do.

And finally, we drink beer because we like it. Period

Beer advertisement makers, enough with THIS nonsense.