9 Signs You're An Adult But Still A Kid At Heart


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9 Signs You're An Adult But Still A Kid At Heart

1.) You don't like complications. The moment you see one coming your way, you want to literally pick yourself up and... RUN!

2.) Even the smallest things and gestures excite you up till date!

3.) You love everything colorful. Colors brighten up your face like nothing could ever go wrong again.

4.) You still love cartoons and you agree to the fact that nothing can replace that love for you!

5.) You still obsess over celebrities, which also means you could get into serious arguments when it comes to defending your favorite celebrity.

6.) You love surprise gifts and parties.

7.) Knowing that there is only one week left for your birthday leaves you over excited! "I can't be calm, it's my birthday."

8.) You still have a shelf reserved for all your childhood toys, and make sure to clean them every once in a while.

9.) There are times you still get stubborn just like the good ol' days when something is not going your way.


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Yes I am still a child :catch

1. Yes i m scared of complications. :mad

2. I find happiness in small things instead of big ones :happy

3. I lv colours...today wearing red nd yello :princess

4. Shin chain...doraemon...donald nd my lovie mickey :lub

5.yes i do fight fr my fav.celebs

6. Yes i lv gifts....on daily basis :b2 :hassa

7. Yrs...i lv my bday....i start the countdown say like...6 months left 5 nd so on

8.Yes i have a lot of toys


I m kido....:catch



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