72K people in queue for Coldplay, tix going for Rs 35K. Twitter has thoughts

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It’s been merely two hours since Book My Show (ticketing website) opened the floodgates to Coldplay’s Global Citizen concert in Mumbai scheduled for November 19. However, even in these two hours, all hell has broken loose.
Remember the furore over the rumours of Coldplay tickets selling for Rs 25,000 a few days ago? Well, that figure seems like a bargain considering the price has now increased to Rs 35,000!
Book My Show initiated the booking process at 12pm on Thursday but as soon as the page went up, it crashed moments later. It took them 15 minutes before the site could be revived and the bookings be commenced again. However, if you were lucky enough to see the page load, you would be slapped with these dialog boxes.



Or even this if you took your own sweet time...


And even if you somehow managed to sit through the queue for ‘more than an hour’, you’d be redirected to the ticketing page and this would greet you on the other side.


When we checked at 2pm, all the Rs 5,000-7,5000 tickets were sold out. Only the Rs 10, 000 ones were left. A few fans told HT that even when they selected the Rs 10,000 ticket, another ‘sold out’ popped up (despite the ticket still being shown as an option). There is only one option left now, buy them at Rs 35,000.
All this trouble hasn’t gone down well with the fans of course. As usual, they took to Twitter to rant about it. Here are a few in deep, deep agony:

Sonya DC @sonyadc
#Coldplay concert tkts in Mumbai-I log on at 12 sharp & there are already 10,770 users ahead. Now only tickets if u win comm service lottery
1:37 PM - 15 Sep 2016

JBIndia-HE Followed @JBiebsIndiaCrew
@bookmyshow when we waited in the queue and finally got in entered details but it KEPT saying oops something isn't right???????? Unfair! #Coldplay
2:12 PM - 15 Sep 2016

YourAbnormalTwin @ashl3shaTweets
It's like Coldplay is taking revenge from people for a lifetime of downloading illegal music in just one ticket
2:11 PM - 15 Sep 2016

Vivan Kamath @Vivankamath
Don't blame BookMyShow for not being able to book your tickets.

Blame the population.#Coldplay
2:10 PM - 15 Sep 2016

Nisha Ajit @nishaajit
@bookmyshow cheaper to go to NZ and watch #coldplay than fall for your #scam #BookMyShow
2:09 PM - 15 Sep 2016

lokesh sapre @lokeshsapre
#coldplay ticket booking system ne fir thanda paani daal diya :( #Coldplaymumbai #aukatkebahar
2:04 PM - 15 Sep 2016

Ashwin Mushran ✔ @ashwinmushran
People online discovering the #Coldplay concert tickets are rising every second
12:45 PM - 15 Sep 2016

Rochit @rochit
Cant believe this shit is for real #coldplay #globalcitizen damn! 72000 people in queue
2:15 PM - 15 Sep 2016 · Mumbai, India, India

There were a few lucky ones too though:

Nikhil Singh @NIKHILs007
5 tickets bought #Coldplay #Bookmyshow
1:39 PM - 15 Sep 2016

Niraj Joshi @theaceniraj
Finally got my ticket #Coldplaymumbai #nobodysaiditwaseasy @coldplay
2:02 PM - 15 Sep 2016

Karan Popli @KP031
tickets for @coldplay booked...they better perform for more than 20 minutes !!! #nosebleeds
2:06 PM - 15 Sep 2016

Tejaswita Tiwari @readard
@coldplay, fix me. I'll see you on the 19th! <3#TearsStreamDownMyFace#ColdplayIndia#OMG
2:04 PM - 15 Sep 2016 · Mumbai, India, India

CA Prateek Garg @CAPrateekG
Mere pass iPhone 7 hai, Coldplay tickets hai, girlfriend ke liye ring hai, Uber Black hai, tere pass kya hai?... http://fb.me/2rATCWIqw
1:59 PM - 15 Sep 2016

OK, no need to rub it in dude.