70-Year-Old Woman Brutally Beaten By Her Son; Forced To Take Back Her Complaint

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There is no love stronger, more lasting, devoted and selfless than a mother’s loves. A mother who starts loving even before she sees the baby, the epitome of unconditional love.

Despite all this, parents are neglected and treated terribly by some. Unfortunately, verbal abuse is most common. But, some people cross all lines of morality with brutal, physical abuse.

An incident has come to light from Delhi where a son allegedly pushed his mother from the second floor of their house.

In the video, while the son claims that it was a drunk tenant who pushed her, a neighbour who is filming the video asks her if her son verbally and physically abuses her. She says he is. The video was posted by the founder of The Voice Raiser, Kundan Srivastava who featured it on his website and brought it everyone’s attention.