5-year-old boy falls into pit in Kurushetra ~ fights for life on B'Day


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Press Trust of India

Kurukshetra, July 23, 2006

As little Prince fights to keep alive more than 40 hours after he fell into a 60-feet-deep pit in this Haryana district, he is unaware that Sunday happens to also be his birthday.

Prince turns five on July 23, his anxious mother Karamjit said as rescuers tried frantically to dig a parallel tunnel to bring out the boy.

"I don't know when this ordeal will end," she said. Prince fell into the one-foot-wide pit on Friday evening while playing with friends

Karamjit said she was anxiously waiting for her son to come back.

It would be like a re-birth for him once he is rescued, said a villager, one of the hundreds who have gathered at the site at Hatheri village near Shahbad town of Kurukshetra to witness the mammoth rescue efforts.

A team of eight doctors is monitoring Prince's health through a closed-circuit TV camera lowered into the pit with a rope.

The doctor in-charge of the medical team said that the boy seemed fine despite being trapped for over 41 hours. He said that the boy was able to eat and drink Sunday morning and that was a positive sign.

With the news of the rescue operation spreading like wild fire, nearly 10,000 people, mostly from adjoining villages, reached the spot.

The police had to resort to mild cane charge to keep people at bay as they tried to get closer to the well where the boy was trapped.

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After 48 hours Prince still traped. Bad weather hampering rescue efforts. PM Manmohan Singh expresses concern. Expert team from mumbai on its way...


Down in the Dumps

Five-year-old Prince has been stuck in a 50-feet well in a Haryana village since Friday. The child fell into the deep and narrow pit left uncovered by labourers in Haldheri village while he was playing.
Prince has been lying alone, clueless and desperate inside the dark ditch. He has been crying, making futile attempts to climb out, coping with insects and even managing to sleep.


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Mission impossible: Prince rescued after 50 hours

KURUKSHETRA: Life won when a five year old boy Prince was pulled out of a 60-feet-deep tube well after being trapped in it for almost 50 hours in this small Hindu pilgrim town in Haryana.
As his plight is known to the nation goodwishes and prayeres was sent from across the nation, hoping that he would be rescued. Even Congress president Sonia Gandhi was hopeful that the boy would be rescued.
Army after huge effort at 7:45 on Sunday evening rescued the boy. haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and MP Niveen jindal were also present in the site
As prince was pulled out cheers rent in the air, the boy looked stunned when he was brought out wrapped in a white sheet.
Earlier the District officials said that the rescue process might go well late into Sunday evening since the final link tunnel to the pit where the boy, named Prince, is trapped since Friday was yet to be completed.
Along with the entire nation, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that he was hopeful the boy would be rescued soon.
Residents were holding a round-the-clock prayer vigil for the safe rescue of Prince. Prayers were also being held for the child in Allahabad at a school for visually impaired students.
The rescue operation, led by the 66 Engineers regiment of the Ambala Cantonment-based 2 Corps of Indian Army, started at 3 pm Saturday at Haldaheri village near Shahabad town of Kurukshetra district.
Prince, whose fifth birthday is on Sunday, fell into the well at 6 pm on Friday accidentally while playing with friends.
Thousands of people who thronged the village to see the rescue operation had to be pushed back by police as their presence was hampering the rescue efforts.
Ram Chander and Karamjit, parents of the boy, hoped that their son would be brought out from the tube well pit safely. "The delay is making us anxious," said Chander, a farm labourer.
Besides army personnel, nearly two-dozen villagers have dug a parallel tunnel inch by inch. Two cranes continued to operate since 3 pm Saturday.

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