5 things a guy feels when his best friend gets married

1. He is not my friend anymore

Not ready to accept the fact that you will now have to share your buddy with his wife, you might feel that it is an end to the glorious run of your precious friendship. What’s more? Mere thought of your friendship reaching a level, where you two will be meeting occasionally, and maybe that too never without his wife, will make you feel even more sad and lonely.

2. His preferences have changed

Well, as soon as you would hear this news from your friend, first word that will come to your mind will be "bhabhi". Before anyone else in your friend’s family would decide what to call her, you would already be quite comfortable with this word even without having met her. However, despite all this, you might still consider her to be your rival as she would be stealing away your best friend from you. And the incidents, like your friend rejecting your proposal to go for an action movie with you just because he planned for a special dinner with her, or him preferring to hang out with her instead of you, might just make your feeling of enmity towards her grow stronger.

3. He is not the same party animal he used to be

You will notice that there is a visible decrease in his raw bachelor energy level. It will upset you when he would refuse to be your wingman to hit on pretty girls or hesitate to chug that beer mug that he greedily used to gulp down earlier. And to top it all, he would even leave for home earlier than the rest.

4. He is not open with me anymore

He will surely not be sharing with you every detail of his intimate life, which might not be a problem for you. But, what might actually bother you is that he may even stop sharing his problems with you. Seeing him worried and not knowing the reason behind his worries might make you feel that you are not an important person in his life anymore.

5. Has my time come too?

Your best friend tying the knot is bound to inject this thought in your mind. The manner of tackling this thought varies from person to person. Some get happy and eager to marry while others get goosebumps and fear the ticking clock.

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