Recipe 5 Quick-Fix Salad Meal Recipes


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Chicken Caesar salad

250gms Romaine lettuce
20gms Parmesan cheese
5gms each anchovies, garlic
5ml lemon juice
120ml olive oil
2gms salt
100 gms chicken breast
1 slice white bread

Combine anchovies, garlic and Parmesan cheese with olive oil.
Blend in lemon juice and check seasoning.
Marinate the chicken breast with salt and pepper and cook over the grill. Cut into cubes and reserve for the salad.
Toss the Romaine lettuce in with dressing.
Add chicken cubes.

Asian Glass Noodle Salad

120 gms Asian glass noodles
80 gms green cucumber
50gms bean curd
10ml soy sauce (light)
2 cloves garlic
2gms salt
2gms sugar

Soak the glass noodles in cold water.
Now slice the cucumber and chill it for a while.
On a cutting board, cut the bean curd carefully into juliennes, i.e., scrape it nicely.
Toss together all these ingredients and some soy sauce.
Add the chopped garlic, salt and sugar.
Serve the salad chilled.

Feta Greek Salad

150gms bell peppers (3 colours)
20 gms cherry tomatoes
20gms cucumber
20gms Feta cheese
10gms black olives
20gms Romaine lettuce
10ml vinegar
30ml olive oil
5gms dried oregano

Cut the vegetables into cubes and the cherry tomatoes into half.
Tear the lettuce and cut the feta into cubes.
Blend together the vinegar and olive oil and season.
Toss all the ingredients along with the dressing and sprinkle dried oregano on top.

Russian Salad


100gms French beans (boiled)
100gms carrot
100gms green peas
100gms potatoes
100gms pineapple
20ml fresh cream
50gms mayonnaise
1 boiled egg
50gms lettuce
Salt, pepper to taste

Cut the vegetables into cubes.
Take all ingredients except potatoes and mayonnaise in a bowl and toss.
Then, add potatoes and toss.
Add the salt, pepper and mayonnaise and mix.
Garnish with boiled egg and pineapple.

Refreshing Prawn and Lettuce Salad


150gms prawns (25 count)
100gms mixed lettuce leaves
50gms cherry tomatoes
10ml olive oil
8ml Lemon juice
2gms Salt
2gms crushed black peppercorns

Marinate the prawns with salt and pepper and cook over a grill.
Toss all the ingredients along with the prawns and serve.
Note: You may use different lettuce leaves for this salad and can add beansprouts to it for
a healthy bite.

To perk up your salad, go for iced tea or a shrimp cocktail.​
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