5 Million Instagram videos shared on day one


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Instagram’s newly-released video feature received a warm welcome from its users as the online photo and video sharing platform hit the 5 million video mark in its initial 24 hours, reports CNET.

Instagram, on Thursday, added the video sharing feature to its iOS and Android applications, allowing users to capture a 15-second video, which can be uploaded on various social networking platforms. Just like its photo feature, the new video feature too comes with some filters (13 to be precise) that help in improving the shot video. These filters are not only new but also have been named differently from the ones found in the photo feature of the platform.

Three simple steps

The video feature on the Facebook-owned app can also be used to correct shaky videos. This is made possible using the “cinema” effect. This effect uses advance stabilisation system that helps in giving near perfect video even though the original video is not shot with perfection. However, this additional feature is exclusive to the iOS application of Instagram.

With videos that would take at least a year to watch already being uploaded, the future looks bright for Instagram with its 130 million active users.

The report stated that initially Instagram users across the globe uploaded 40 hours of video per minute. But the equation went up after Miami Heats defeated the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals to clinch their second title.​
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i checked some of videos in my feed, it was aswum yaar, the same frame we use to see images now have video with great quality :)