5 easy-to-carry fashion trends you must try

Miss Alone

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Every fashion trend may not suit your body and comfort level. But there are certain trends that are less risky and easy to pull-off. Here's the list

1. Peter pan collar: Although it's named after a male, it's quite a dainty trend. From lace to studded to leather to plaid, you will find various varieties. You just need to decide on the type that suits you best. Just put on the collar and transform your plain tee into a signature one!

2. Peplum: Though not many are open to experimenting with this trend, it is one of the most versatile trends. It hides your tummy bulges and creates great curves. It's a fabulous trend that makes you feel instantly sexy.

3. Loafers: If you you think loafers are something your dad or grandfather would love to sport, you are absolutely wrong. Loafers give a fresh approach to a basic flat. Casual in appearance, they look very stylish on a pair of hot shorts or chic pants. These days loafers are available in every possible pattern, finish and colour.

4. Statement pants: Choose from a variety of printed, metallic, colour-blocked, striped, or embellished pair of pants. This trend isn't very difficult to pull-off if you know to choose something that suits you well. Moreover, if you wish to draw attention to your lower body, these pants do it quite well for you. Metallics, striped and floral pants are in this season.

5. Gloves: Gloves are a simple way to finish your outfit. Leather, suede, fur, bow details, lace frills... there is no end to varieties of gloves you can choose from. It can be worn by anyone and everyone. Just make sure to pick the one that matches your outfit and style.

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