5 Alternatives to the Apple Watch

As technology has advanced we, as a race, have come up with a lot of different things over the centuries.
The most recent and perhaps ambitious of these inventions is the smartwatch.
Though digital watches have existed for years, the smartwatch is different in that they are… well smart.
Usually smartwatches are programmed with similar functions to smartphones. For a better example, let’s look at Apple’s most recent foray into the digital marketplace.

Apple Watch

It’s not in Apple’s nature to go in for half measures. They always strive to make their devices more personal and intriguing.
So it’s no surprise that they decided to make a watch after their successes in music devices, phones, computers, laptops and tablets. It’s actually interesting to see what avenue they will venture down next after the watch.

As with many Apple products, Apple have opted towards style and sustenance making the Apple Watch not only look impressive but feel impressive, the watch comes in three different forms including:
  • The Watch Edition – normal watch with several different straps and designs to chose from;
  • The Sport Watch Edition – name says it all, strap comes in different fluorescent colours, very distinctive and stylish;
  • The Luxury Watch Edition – the more extravagantly designed normal watches, which feature gold casing for the main watch and a choice of different straps.
The features of the watch are numerous but familiar. It has apps that you’ll recognise such as: Mail, Messages, Dialer (yes, a watch can make a phone call, welcome to the future people), Calendar, Maps, and the ever familiar personal helper, Siri.
Apple have made an impressive bid for attention with their new product and with so many more multifunctional and multiplatform apps you can use, it isn’t hard to see that they’ve created something amazing.
However, what of Apple’s competition? How are they shaping up when compared to their technological rivals? Let’s take a closer look at some of the competition.

Motorola Moto 360

With a sleek black design, the Moto 360 boasts some of the main features that a watch should have such as a pedometer and heart rate monitor.
The watch also features QI wireless charging which is interesting because nowhere on Apple’s page do they mention having to charge a watch.
Of course the design of the watch is optimal and you can choose what it will look like from many different designs. The Moto 360 is Android wear so it will be able to link to other Android smartphones.
One of the many features that this smartwatch has is voice control. You can simply talk to the watch and it will respond with the command, making it a pretty nifty little gadget all in all. If simple is your thing then you can’t go wrong with this.

Qualcomm TOQ

With a more compact design, The TOQ (tick tock for those that don’t get it) is smaller than its other competitors. The TOQ comes with a lot of the same stuff that Motorola and Apple are promising.
Also an Android device, the TOQ sports a rather impressive battery life of up to a week, and like the Moto 360 it also features wireless charging.
Unlike its other competition the TOQ will not be heavy on the app side of it instead preferring functionality over showing off and that in turn makes it more reliable.
By the book and easy to handle, the TOQ looks like a good contender even if the design of it is just horrible.

LG G Watch R

LG make a splash into the smartwatch territory with their own watch.
The LG G Watch R features many of the same functions that other watches have, including voice recognition, calendar, heart rate monitor and it is vaguely waterproof.
The LG watch does have some discrepancies to it however. Its battery life is reportedly shorter than its other competitors. Whether or not this will convince you not to buy it is up to you.

Samsung Gear S

With a more flat faced design, the Samsung Gear S continues a grand tradition of flat faced design but that’s part of Samsung’s charm and it is what makes the watch so appealing for fans of their work.
Out of all the others, the Samsung Gear S appears to be the most personal, with a 2 inch display screen and with thousands of different apps to choose from.
If any of their recent products are anything to go by then you can put good money on Samsung’s new watch.

Asus ZenWatch

Adding its own two cents to the smartwatch game is another Android concoction, the Asus ZenWatch.
The smartwatch which retails at a reasonable $199 (£135) prides itself in being ‘fashionably smart’ with its sleek and minimal design. The face is mainly all screen with a thin steel surrounding border and leather straps.
It houses a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor and 4GB of storage. Users can also download the ZenWatch Manager app which locates the watch in case you lose it.
The future of technology has been taking a lot of new and interesting steps lately. Who knew that eventually we would have technology that could make phone calls from your wrist.
Whatever your opinion on the smartwatch, they are definitely products that you should keep your eyes on.[/img]
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