One man’s broken heart is now another man’s $15,000 windfall.
A Northboro man returned to the Westboro MBTA parking lot to find a rock in his car, but this was no act of vandalism.
A mysterious jilted lover left a stunning, three-stone engagement ring on the front seat in a box wrapped with a white bow.
The only clue to the bling bonanza is a note that reads: “Merry Christmas. Thank you for leaving your car door unlocked. Instead of stealing your car I gave you a present. Hopefully this will land in the hands of someone you love, for my love is gone now. Merry Christmas to you.”
The 37-year-old alerted police this weekend to report the incident after he had the ring appraised for a whopping $15,000, police said. The ring is a white-gold band holding one large diamond and two smaller diamonds. Each diamond is surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds.
“This appears to be random, but we don’t really know,” said Westboro police Lt. Paul Donnelly.
Neither the railroad operations department nor the MBTA transit police were aware of the incident last Wednesday.
“There has been no other suspicious activity in the area,” said MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo.
No heartbroken men jumping in front of trains, perhaps.
Police would not release the lucky man’s name. He has decided to keep the ring, according to police.