40 Programs for Symbian 3rd Edition


ImmorTaL KhalsA
40 Programs for Symbian 3rd Edition

Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia 3250, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N93, Nokia N93 Golf, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E70, Nokia E50, Nokia 5500sport...


Adobe PDF 1.1.5 (read PDF)

IM+ 5.50.0 (messenger for Hotmail, Yahoo, ICQ, Gmail, etc)

AgileMessenger 3.76.0 (messenger for Hotmail, Yahoo, ICQ, Gmail, etc)

Wireless IRC 2.0.686 (irc client)

Alarm Manager 1.4.1(set multiple alarm)
Best BlackList 1.0.0 (black list unwanted calls)

FExplorer 1.16.0 Beta (symbian file explorer)

FGet 0.70.0 (download manager with resume support)

Flash Player 2.0.1 (play Flash files)

Handy Expense 2.2.0 (keep track of daily expenses)

Internet Time 1.4.0 (synchronize clock with internet time)

Mobipocket Reader Pro 5.1.532 (read eBooks)

MSDict - Oxford Concise English Dictionary 2.40.0 (dictionary)
My Assistant 1.2.726 (dictaphone & auto keylock)

NiceCalc 1.0.1 (scientific calculator)

Quickoffice (read/write Word, Excel & Powerpoint)

OfficeSuite 2.10.0 (read/write Word and Excel)

Opera 8.60.0 (internet browser)

PanoMan 1.19.0 (taking panoramas images)

Papyrus 1.108.0 (advance calendar & todo)
PhotoRite SP 5.30.0 Beta (advance camera with frames, mirror effect, etc)

PowerMP3 1.1.0 (music player with equalizer)

PhonePoint 2.0.0 (powerpoint remote control over bluetooth)

ProfiMail 2.40.0 (advance email client)

PuTTY 1.4 Beta 1 (SSH client)

Resco News 1.13.0 (RSS reader)

SmartMovie 3.21.0 (DIVX & XVID player & Converter)
Best ScreenSnap 1.1.0 (screenshot)

Torch 1.10.0 (torch light)

VirtualRadio 1.0.4 (online radio streaming)

Mobiola WebCam 1.4.0 (enable n70 to be a web camera for windows)

WinRAR 2.50.10 (compress/uncompress zip and rar)

WmaOGG Plugins 1.1.0 (plugin to enable wma and ogg support)

WorldMate 2.60.40 (world clock, weather forecast, currency rate, etc)

Zi Predictive Text Suite 1.4.0 (auto complete text while typing)
123'sMMCfonts 1.19.0 (enable reading of chinese fonts)

ChessGenius 1.40.0 (english chess)

Experimental Chinese Chess 1.1.1 (chinese chess)

Anti-Mosquito 2.1.0 (anti mosquito program)
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