36-yr-old software engineer commit suicide

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In a suspected case of suicide, the body of a 36 year old software engineer was found on the terrace of her home stay at Attinkuzhy near Kazhakootam. Asha V P, 36, of Puthuparambil House, Inchappara, Koodal in Pathanamthitta district is the deceased. She was working with Resonance Engineering Private Limited that functioned outside the Technopark campus at Kazhakootam.
The police suspect that Asha committed suicide by injecting overdose of insulin.
The police said that the body of Asha was found by the inmates of the neighbouring house, around 7 am on Sunday when they went up to collect clothes from clothesline. The body was more than one day old.
The neighbours told the police that they had seen the body lying there on Saturday morning too. But, they did not take it seriously as they mistook Asha for another inmate who used to regularly do yoga on the terrace. However, when they saw the same person lying on the terrace again on the next day they decided to alert the house owner as well as the police.
The police found several cartridges of insulin and syringes from near the body. A suicide note was also recovered in which it was only written that she was committing suicide because she was done with living.

Asha had told the house owner and other inmates that she would be going home on Friday evening. Hence no one really cared about her absence on Saturday. None of them saw her returning to the house on Friday evening after work either.
The police also said that according to the doctor, who conducted the post mortem, there were several marks of injection on her abdomen and on hands. The body was released to the family for cremation by evening.

Asha is the daughter of Prabhakaran and Vimala. She has a sister, Amoolya. Prabhakaran, a retired army man, told the police that he was diabetic and he used to stock insulin cartridges at home that he got from the Military canteen for personal use.
She was living estranged from her husband, Raju Raghavan, for the past four years. Her marriage was in 2011. The couple have no children.