21st Dec 2012 - The D Day


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Dec 21,2012 predictions seem to be coming true. How many of you believe the end is year or that we will be faced with a major catastrophe close to or on 21st Dec'12?

Which leads to the second question

What do you want to do before you die? Even if you don't believe the predictions there must be something you want to do before you die?



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I want to travel a lot before i die whether i die on Dec this year or whenever ... I want to see everything... agar it is happening, i want to go backpacking through Europe


bas marn toh pehlan 2 katt bhuki de kha layie kite bina bhukhi khade na mar jayie :d

mera matlab ehi ke banda khali pet es dunia tu na jawe ki pata rabb kol bhuki huni v aa ke nahi :p & uper ja ke cigrate peen nu mili jaan oh v gold flake :p