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Year 2014: A bird's eye view!

The year 2014 may begin on a high note, and the positive energy shall last all throughout the year. But refrain from being impulsive, or you may end up making mistakes in a hurry that you shall have to repent at leisure. Look before you leap, think before you speak – is the mantra you should follow during the year ahead, since it will save you from a lot of trouble, says Ganesha. Be clear in your head about what you want to express, what you would rather hold back, especially on the personal front, because any sort of miscommunication is likely to have a cascading (negative) effect on your whole life. Good news is that some long-standing issues may finally reach resolution, enabling you to focus on other vital areas of your life. Take a small break, but also be ready to tackle some new scenarios, tips Ganesha.

Job & Career: Developments are foreseen. Be patient, though!

A busy year on the career front is on the cards, foresees Ganesha. While there will be some movement on this front all throughout 2013, your career, in all likelihood, will take a positive turn towards the year-end. Brimming with enthusiasm, you will be in a mood to accomplish your goals but you may not have at enough time at your disposal. Therefore, prioritise your tasks and take them one by one. At some point, the rewards and monetary gains may not seem adequate and you may even consider quitting your job.


Year 2014 – A bird's eye view!

Opportunities and challenges are the two sides of the same coin, and this year, you need to be ready to tackle them all with full enthusiasm. More so, because failures are foreseen. Maintain confidence levels, otherwise the setbacks will be disappointing than they actually are. You may lean towards spiritualism to find peace of mind. You may plan to take a loan to meet your increasing expenses and to lead a more comfortable life, but Ganesha is of the view that you should avoid borrowing money as the time is not right.

Job & Career: Growth is on the cards!
Career graph may go upwardly, provided you accept the change and embark on a new journey on the work front, says Ganesha. It is quite expected that you will take some time to adjust to a new work environment, but soon you will realise that you took the right decision. Workload and responsibilities may increase during 2014, and your relations with co-workers and authority figures may become strenuous. Be extremely patient, because there is no point spoiling relations with the people you interact on daily basis. Also, don't be overambitious as there is a strong likelihood that your dreams will not get fulfilled this year. Don't get disheartened, though. You should take this as a opportunity to hone to professional skills.


Year 2014 – A bird's eye view!

Since Jupiter is transiting in retrograde motion in Cancer, family and financial matters may cause some troubles during the first couple of months this year. But once Jupiter will start moving in direct motion, things shall get better considerably. However, avoid pushing your luck in the financial matters. Health-related issues may crop up time and again as Saturn is in Scorpio. Take care of yourself, advises Ganesha, as a drop in energy levels will affect all aspects of your life. Be more disciplined, be it about your domestic life, love front, career, education or finance, and you shall be fine.

Job & Career: Wait and watch!
Avoid job hopping at all cost, unless the financial gains are extremely high. Take your current job more seriously and work harder. But don't expect immediate results and rewards, otherwise you will be surely disappointed, predicts Ganesha. Be patient, your efforts will not go in vain. Besides, there is a possibility that you will come across a better job option during the second quarter of the year 2014. But there is no guarantee that you will adjust to the new work environment easily and get along with new colleagues. The best option for you right now is to stay put. Ganesha leaves it to your discretion as to what you should do next.


Year 2014 – A bird's eye view!

Progress is definitely on the cards as Jupiter is favourably posited. Ganesha foresees you becoming more ambitious during 2014. Financial matters, such as savings and investments, and family issues will be on the centre-stage for the better part of the year. You may take some major decisions, but avoid taking them during the 1st quarter of 2014. Also, whenever you need to take a decision, make sure not to become impulsive, advises Ganesha.

Job & Career: Success graph may go upwardly!
As far as job and career are concerned, year 2014 may prove to be an auspicious one. You may get a salary hike, quite close to your expectations if not exact. If you are thinking to change your career altogether, you may find stars in your favour this year. Take a wise decision, though. At work, the pressure and responsibilities may greatly increase during April to October. Ganesha advises you to look at the bright side and says that you should take this opportunity to make a lasting impression on your boss's mind.


Year 2014 – A bird's eye view!

Life shall change for good this year, and the fruition of your some long-cherished dreams shall add glitter to the gold. Heavy expenses are foreseen but they will be set off against a large windfall that is expected. On the domestic front, an authority figure may try to make the family members more disciplined and advise them to maintain a dignified approach to life. Some of the family members may resent this, but they, including you, will realise the positives of leading a disciplined lifestyle. If you wish to buy a house, consider buying a well-maintained, second-hand house.

Job & Career: Hasty decisions are best avoided!
When you see your peers changing jobs and getting salary hikes, you may be tempted to change your job in order to take your career graph upwardly. But don't take any impulsive decisions, especially until August, as the period before that is not conducive for job-hopping. However, you may start applying for jobs in June 2014 so that if something materialises, you get enough time to serve the notice period. Post-August, you may change your job, provided that the new job offers your brighter career prospects.


Year 2014 – A bird's eye view!

You will kick start the year on a positive note as you will receive some good news on the work front. Financially, there may not be any major problems in 2014. However, expenses may shoot up post-July 2014 so you better create enough cash reserves before that. You shall now give equal importance to both personal life and professional commitments. But there are chances that things will not go as per your expectations. Ganesha advises you to see the glass half full and move on. On the family front, emotions may run high and things may suddenly take a turn for the worse. You better handle strenuous situations calmly, otherwise they will become more complicated.

Job & Career: Success is likely. Keep up the spirits!
Career growth is likely but there is a strong likelihood that the progress may slow down because of Saturn transiting through the 3rd House from your Sign. You may secure your place in the good books of your bosses and may receive favourable treatment from them. In fact, you may be duly rewarded for your contribution to the growth of your organisation. This will certainly boost your confidence and social image. If you are planning to change your job, complete all the formalities before July as the period after that is not conducive of a job change.


Year 2014 – A bird's eye view!

The planetary alignment suggests that you will be highly temperamental and impatient for the better part of the year. Ganesha strongly advises you to be very careful of your words and deeds as even a minor slip-up or seemingly harmless comment will rub people in the wrong way. Try and maintain cordial relations with the people around you. Career and personal life shall be more than satisfactory. However, on the business front, things may get little tricky if you will fail to keep ego clashes at bay. Financially, you are likely to have smooth sailing.

Job & Career: Rewards for your hard-work are in store!
Make your resume look more impressive, Ganesha gives you green signal. The transiting Jupiter may bring you some gains on the career front in the form of a promotion or an increment. However, be prepared to accept more responsibilities. The added load may make you anxious initially, but you will adjust with it as the days go by. Besides, your co-workers and seniors may by and large be helpful, hence you will not have much of a trouble handling the pressure. You may have to work very hard during the second half of year 2014. If you want to take up a course or two to hone your professional skills and make your resume look more impressive, Ganesha gives you green signal.


Year 2014: A bird's eye view!
Your focus this year will be on streamlining your life, and therefore, you will try and be disciplined and organised. Your hard-work may not yield expected results, though. Sometimes, when your patience is put to the test, you will wish to throw all that discipline to the winds. There may few deviations once in a while but don't take any step that will undo your efforts to reach your goals, says Ganesha. All in all, you will have a good year as the planetary alignment is in your favour.

Job & Career
You may be duly rewarded for your contribution to the success of your company. A promotion or an increment is on the cards, but be patient. If you are in an authority position at work, try not to impose your ideas and throw your weight around. If you will boss around, you may spoil your relations with your subordinates. Be diplomatic and friendly. As far as your relations with your superiors are concerned, Ganesha says that you will share nice rapport with them. The overall work environment shall inspire you to put in your best and take the challenges head on.


Year 2014: A bird's eye view!

The year may begin on a dull note. But gradually things will get some momentum and you my find yourself busy with personal monetary matters, joint finances, family matters, social gatherings and professional commitments. You may have to face some health issues, which may become quite bothersome if not treated properly, says Ganesha. It is therefore advisable that you go for regular health check-ups and nip any sort of health problem in the bud. The circumstances will make you realise the value of health and wealth, and you will make it point to enhance them.

Job & Career:
Brace up for a busy year! Thankfully, your ability to stay focussed is going to get stronger and hence dealing with pressure and increasing workload may not be that difficult. At work, you will get a number of opportunities to showcase your capabilities and creativity, foresees Ganesha. If you will take short-cuts or give below-par performance, you will be chucked out from the organisation sooner than you think. Hence, work with full dedication and ensure that co-workers and seniors notice your sincerity. Try and remain in the good books of your bosses – as far as possible, winks Ganesha.


Year 2014: A bird's eye view!

You may be so ambitious this year that you may end up putting everything else on the back burner. Your personal life may get most affected by your workaholic nature as you may not pay any heed to the needs and desires of your loved ones. Ganesha strongly advises you to try and strike a balance between personal and professional life because it will be very difficult to bridge the communication gap later. Take breaks from your work at regular intervals and relax yourself. You may have to deal with matters related to partnerships, joint assets, inheritances, etc.

Job & Career: Your patience may be put through a tough test
It is disappointing to see that you are not getting expected results and rewards despite doing your best to perform well at work. The lack of appreciation from bosses may make you feel insecure about your job. If you will now get impatient and get into arguments with authority figures in your organisation, you will be asking for trouble. There is a great possibility that you will start looking for a job, which pays you more and promises you better career prospects. But Ganesha is of the opinion that you should adjust in your current job and assert yourself enough so that people don't take you as a pushover. The challenges you will face shall prove to be a great learning experience.


Year 2014: A bird's eye view!

The year ahead can be termed as a year of new beginnings. You will become more open-minded and try to see matters from different perspectives, and in turn, may gain respect from people for your positive mindset. At times, striking a healthy between work and personal life may become difficult. But try to give proper attention to both these aspects of your life, says Ganesha. Also, make it a point to learn from your past mistakes and to be more practical. Material gains are on the cards but they shall come gradually, so be patient.

Job and Career: Rewards and recognition may not be forthcoming. Be patient!

It will be important that you are hard-working in 2014, as the scenario this year will not be only about one's talents and intelligence, but also persistent efforts. Give your 100% to the tasks assigned, and success shall be yours. However, you may often feel that your sincerity is not being appreciated, and that you are not getting the respect you deserve. But, there is no point in losing your sleep over such matters. Rather, be objective, stay focused, or change your job, if it really bothers you. Ganesha foresees a bleak possibility of relocation, during the first quarter of the year. Travel undertaken for official purposes will be fruitful, though.


Year 2014: A bird's eye view!

As the year will go by, you will increasingly feel that the Lady Luck is not in your favour. But if you will change your perspective a bit, you will realise that all that happens, happens for something good. Positive events will take place in your life in the areas of education, children, job and finance. However, there may be some disturbances on the family front that you need to handle very carefully. Financial front may also be somewhat shaky, predicts Ganesha. Take care of your health, too. From the looks of it, the year ahead seems to be bit challenging but if you will be practical and let your creativity and hobbies help you stay calm and focussed, you will be able to tackle them well.

Job & Career: A major change may be on the way!
You may have a great time at work during the first half of 2014. However, there is a strong possibility that things may drastically change during the latter half. So, be prepared for the change. On the bright side, Ganesha says that the highs and lows will help you become a better professional. If you are planning to change you job, the period after April-May looks set to be favourable. If it requires you to relocate to a different city, apply your mind before accepting the offer. Don't abuse your power and say harsh words to colleagues, else you may pay a heavy price for your behaviour.

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Yeah, I was thinking to change my job after christmas but some drawbacks effect one in other so 2014's predicts not to do anything until August. Good opportunity from now to prepaired myself. Right, financially I don't expect expenses go higher lol
Changes could be positive or negative but hoping something new happen.

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