1984 Sikh Massacre: witness alleges she received threats


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New Delhi, Jan 18 (PTI) A woman witness, whose father was killed in 1984 Sikh massacre, today alleged before a Delhi court trying senior Congress leader Sajjan Kumar that she used to get threats and was often picked up by the police.

"It is incorrect to suggest that I never received any threat. I have been making several complaints regarding the threats received by me and my mother but I do not have the copy of the same.

"Police officials used to pick us at any point of time and used to leave us as and when they used to desire and even used to take our belongings," Nirpreet Kaur told Additional Sessions Judge Sunita Gupta.

42-year-old Kaur made her the statements during her cross examination by defence counsel Anil Kumar Sharma and S A Hashmi.

To a question whether she had made any complaint with regard to the threats since 1984 till the date, Kaur said she did not go to the police station as she herself apprehended threat while her mother made one or two complaints. (more) PTI ATP


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