13 less known facts about Bill Gates


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Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, he is the founder of the world’s largest software company Microsoft, these are the facts that very few people may not actually know. However, there’s more to the man who is said to have led the third wave of computing than this.

Like, Gates is a college dropout, he scored an almost 95% in his SAT, and much more. Read on for some little-known facts about the tech czar.

1. Sold first computer programme at 17


Born on October 28, 1955 to lawyer father and teacher mother in Seattle, Bill Gates got initiated into the computing world right in his childhood.

At the age of 13, while studying at private Lakeside School, Gates discovered his interest in software and started writing his own computer programmes.

According to some reports, Bill Gates sold his first computer program at the age of 17, a time-tabling system for his high school for $4,200.

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2. Banned by Computer Center Corporation


Interestingly, Gates and three other high school students were banned from computer usage by Seattle-based CCC (Computer Center Corporation) after they were caught exploiting its operating system bugs to steal computer time.

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3 SAT score


According to reports, Bill Gates scored 1590 on his SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). The top score for the test then was 1600. He then got enrolled at Harvard College in 1973. Prior to the mid-1990s, SAT score of 1590 corresponded roughly to an IQ of 170.

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4. A college dropout

Few people know that Gates is actually a Harvard university dropout. Gates who scored 1590 on his SAT test out of 1600 got admission in Harvard university in the year 1973, after completing his high school.

At Harvard University, Gates and his high school friend Paul Allen worked on a version of the programming language BASIC for the first microcomputer — MITS Altair. Two years later in 1975, he decided to opt out of college to start Microsoft, what eventually went on to become the world’s largest software company.

However, in 2007 Bill Gates finally got a degree from Harvard, when the university conferred him with a honorary degree. At Harvard, Gates met Steve Ballmer who joined Microsoft in 1980. CEO Ballmer was Microsoft’s 24th employee.

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5. Gates starts Micro-soft, not Microsoft!


In 1975, Gates started Microsoft with friend Paul Allen from a rented accommodation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1977, Gates and Allen officially registered a partnership, and Micro-soft became Microsoft.

The biggest breakthrough came in 1980 when Microsoft won a contract from IBM to provide operating system MS-DOS for IBM’s new personal computers.

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6. Becomes a billionaire at 31


Gates had reportedly once told his university teachers that he aims to become a millionaire by the age 30. And he missed the target by just one year. Gates became a billionaire by the age of 31.

In 1986, the year Microsoft went public with the IPO price of $21/share, Gates became a billionaire. Microsoft stock went public at $21 per share, rising to $28 per share by the end of the first trading day. Initial public offering raised roughly $61 million.

In 1992, Forbes declared Gates to be the richest man in America, worth $6.3 bn. In 1995, Gates became richest man in the world, a crown he continues to hold (he has lost the no.1 slot only once in 2008).

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7. Faced arrest


he founder of world’s biggest software company has also been caught on the wrong side of the law. In 1977, Gates was arrested in New Mexico for allegedly jumping a red light and also driving without a licence. (The photo on the left is a mug shot of Gates in police custody).

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8. Got married on New Year’s Day

Bill Gates married long-time girl friend Melinda French in Hawaii on January 1st, 1994. They have three children. Gates is an avid reader, and enjoys playing golf and bridge.

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9.In wealthiest list for 17 years in a row


Software king Bill Gates has figured in the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest people in the world for 17 years in a row, from 1993 to 2009. For a brief period in 1999, his net worth went past $100 billion, and new term "centibillionaire" was coined.

In 2008, Gates was dethroned as the richest man by America’s investment moghul by Warren Buffett whose fortune swelled to an estimated $62 billion, up $10 billion from a year ago. The same year Gates was at no. 3 with fortune of $58 billion. At no. 2 was the Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim, with an estimated net worth of $60 billion.

However, the year 2009 returned Gates his numero uno spot in the Forbes’ The World’s billionaires list. With a net worth of $40 billion, Gates regained his position as the world’s wealthiest from investor Warren Buffett. However, the deepening economic crisis eroded Gates fortune too. Gates lost approximately $18 billion in 2008.

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10. Received knighthood from the queen of England


In March 2005 Gates received an honorary knighthood from the queen of England. Gates was bestowed with the KBE Order (Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for his services in reducing poverty and improving health in the developing countries of the world.

Gates has also been conferred with many other awards and appreciations. He was a part of Time magazine’s list of ‘100 People who influenced the 20th Century’. BBC called him ‘The geek who changed the world’.

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11. Wrong predictions

If you thought all that Bill Gates ever said was profound, you need to read some of his way off the mark predictions. In 2004, Gates predicted that the problem of spam e-mail messages will be gone within two years. And its anyone’s guess how true the prediction has turned out to be.

Similarly, in 1981 Gates reportedly said that nobody would ever need more than 640 kilobytes of memory on their personal computer. Here too Gates went way off the mark, with most PCs today offering at least 2GB of memory.

The tech czar had also said that Microsoft "will never make a 32-bit operating system." However, in 1992, Microsoft released beta of its first 32 bit Windows NT. NT was the first full 32-bit version of Windows.

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12. Mansion man

Bill Gates lives in 66,000 square feet situated on the edge of lake Washington. The address is 1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA 98039.

The house is famous for its design and the technology it incorporates. Gates reportedly purchased several pieces of land and houses and built this house adjoining all those. Much of the house is built underground into the hill, so the house looks smaller than it actually is.

The house built in the Pacific lodge style has many marvels including the 17-by-60-foot swimming pool has an underwater music system and a floor painted in a fossil motif. Swimmers can dive under a glass wall and emerge outdoors by a terrace.

Then there’s ornate, paneled library with a domed reading room with oculus (light well), fireplace, and two secret pivoting bookcases, one containing a bar.

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13. Goodbye Microsoft

Gates bid Microsoft adieu on June 27, 2008 as full-time chairman to take up a full-time philanthropic role in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates, who made his fortune through developing software for the personal computer, plans to devote his time to charity work. Gates continue to serve as Microsoft’s chairman and an advisor on key development projects.