12 Indians sentenced for murder in Dubai


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Jalandhar March 15:

For the murder of two men in Dubai in 2009 one Punjabi has been awarded death sentence, while 12 others have got life term.

Of these 12, 11 are Punjabis and one is from Pakistani. Two men from Kerala were killed on January 1, 2009 as a result of bootlegging. Out of 12 Punjabis, nine were convicted and sentenced on January 4 in a separate murder case of another man from Kerala. Charges against them included intentional murder, bootlegging, consuming liquor and hiding evidence by concealing the body. The order of sentence was pronounced by a court in Dubai.

Major Singh was awarded death sentence while the other accused including Sukhjit Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Sukhwinder Singh, Surjit Singh, Manjit Singh, Rashpal Singh, Balwinder Singh, Amarjit Singh, Surinder Singh, Balwinder Singh, Sarabhjit Singh and Pakistani national Mohd Rafat. Dubai-based hotelier S P Singh Oberoi said the families of these youths had conveyed that they would go to Dubai for hiring an advocate to file an appeal in the appellant court.