12 Amazing Bluetooth Facts

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows personal computers, laptops, cell phones and other Bluetooth enables devices to communicate with each other over short distances of about 10 meters to transfer information/files from one device to another. Bluetooth uses radio waves and is designed to be a secure and inexpensive way of connecting and exchanging information between devices wirelessly.

Following are a few of the most informative Bluetooth facts from a arsenal of thousands :

1. “Bluetooth refers” to Harold Blatand who was the tenth century Danish king and unified the Norwegians and Danes.

2. The renowned Andretti Green Racing team communicated during the race using Bluetooth devices

3. According to a research the Bluetooth device users was expected to rise more than one billion by the year 2006.

4. Analysts predict that one third of all new cars in the world will have built-in Bluetooth connections.

5. A lot of latest Bluetooth medical equipment are being manufactures and deployed by hospitals to enhance the patient care.

6. Latest Bluetooth enables devices let you watch images on your TV screen. This can be achieved using laptop or mobile phone over a Bluetooth connection to a media viewer.

7. Printing can be done wirelessly now! One can send files to print from Bluetooth enables computer or mobile gadget directly to printer with Bluetooth interface. There are also small home use printers that just print out color pictures by taking wireless Bluetooth input from cell phone or computer.

8. The latest Multi point pairing Bluetooth enabled interface lets you connect with more than one Bluetooth devices, for example your cell phone can be connected to Stereo Bluetooth headset and your computer at a time

9. One of the fastest growing Bluetooth devices in “Bluetooth hands free” and the second largest overall application, just behind the hands free is “Bluetooth stereo audio”.

10. Extensive Bluetooth usage is hazardous for health. Bluetooth uses microware radio waves with the frequency range of 2.4 GHz to 2.4835 GHz and the power output from a Bluetooth radio is 100 mW, 2.5 mW, and 1 mW for class 1, class 2 and class 3 devices respectively. The class 1 is almost at the same level as cell phones are, whereas class2 and class 3 are much lower than class 1 and considered less of potential hazard then cell phones.

11. Future of Bluetooth is expected to have Bluetooth information points for broadcasting channels, this will start the real usage of Bluetooth inside the mobiles and enable advertising models based around users pulling information from the info points, and not based on current limited object push model. One of the best bluetooth stereo headset companies which is expected to excel in this field is Motorola and Blackberry

12. The latest Bluetooth devices can now play a role of the “master” and can communicate with up to a maximum of 7 devices as “slave”. This group of 8 devices (1 master + 7 slaves) is called a Piconet. At any given time, data can be transferred between the master and 1 slave; but the master switches rapidly from slave to slave in a round-robin fashion to see for any further file transfer request.