107-year-old woman says whiskey is the secret to her long life

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Kay Travis, a former dance teacher, is celebrating her 107th birthday, this year.
The great-grandmother of three from Crosspool, Sheffield, has not only hit a century, but is also living in sharp contrast to every idea that we associate old age with.
Kay still lives independently, with only a little bit of additional help from her carers. She loves to make her own meals, her favourite being odd fish, or an occasional slice of pizza or chips.

But what's the secret to her longevity and good health?
A glass of whiskey each day.
Kay, who's favourite drink is the Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky, believes whisky to be a ''good medicine.'' Her son, Jon Travis, revealed, ''Mum is definitely not an alcoholic, but she's been drinking whiskey every day for the last 15 years or so."

Think that's risky, especially for the age she is in? Then here's what you should know about the health benefits of drinking it.
According to Forbes, a moderate consumption of whiskey is in fact good for health. Whiskey has anti-oxidants, which helps absorb rogue cells in the body, thereby fighting cancer. A study, published by the National Institute of Health also talks about how it lowers the risk of dementia. Besides, whiskey barely has carbohydrates, which makes it a favourable choice for avoiding diabetics.