10 Reasons why Nokia 1100 was better than Apple iPhone 4


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The current trend is of smartphones and every brand wants to get in the heat, trying to make what they call 'iPhone killers' but its not too easy. But, once upon a time, Nokia had launched an iPhone killer of its own. iPhone has not been able to beat it by far, even the latest version of it fails to shadow its legacy. Its the one and only Nokia 1100. Don't believe in this? Let me tell you that Nokia 1100 is the best selling mobile phone ever, about 8 times more Apple iPhone 4 has been sold. Now we will tell you why you can call the Nokia 1100 the real 'iPhone killer'. It had features Apple iPhone 4 doesn't. Incredible, ain't it? Let us reveal the secrets one by one.

Apple iPhone 4 vs. Nokia 1100 - Nokia 1100 had a torch
Well, I am sure you acknowledge the need of light in our lives. It is light which illuminates. In case you fall in a situation of all darkness, Nokia 1100 could light you up with its incredible torch light. This is a very important feature which made Nokia 1100 a big success (don't you agree). Just use a single button and you could find your precious diamond ring which just fell down while with the iPhone 4 you couldn't. Nokia 1100 could thus bring you profits worth millions, iPhone 4 couldn't.

Apple iPhone 4 vs. Nokia 1100 - Nokia 1100 was lightweight
You would be surprised to know that the Nokia 1100 was feather light, when compared to Apple iPhone 4 (I apologize for my exaggeration). Nokia 1100 was just about two-third the weight of the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is 137 grams while the Nokia 1100 was lightweight with just 93 grams. That means that there is a chance for your pocket to survive with the 1100 if the fabric is getting out slowly.

Apple iPhone 4 vs. Nokia 1100 - Nokia 1100 had more service centers
Now, you cannot compare the service Nokia provides with that of Apple. Nokia 1100 could be repaired almost in all service centers, authorized and even at non-authorized ones, because it was an easy meat to be treated. However, iPhone 4 asks for high engineering capabilities, pin-point keenness and superb intelligence while repairing it. Wasn't that good. Its just like having local garages for your local car (Nokia 1100 wasn't soooo local though).

Apple iPhone 4 vs. Nokia 1100 - Nokia 1100 had better built quality
The build quality of the two phones aren't comparable. The 1100 was muscular and healthy. Don't doubt on me but you could easily hammer a nail in your durable walls with your Nokia 1100, excitingly. If you dare to do that with the iPhone 4, believe me you will be surprised to know all the secrets of iPhone 4 hardware (because it will open up like a groundnut, its delicate).

Apple iPhone 4 vs. Nokia 1100 - Nokia 1100 served more standby time
According to mobile88, Nokia 1100 could serve you with about 100 hours of more standby time than the iPhone 4 can. Does that mean another 4 days of standby, yes it does. That means you will be saving on your electricity bills, won't you? After all, energy saved is energy produced.

Apple iPhone 4 vs. Nokia 1100 - Nokia 1100 was cheaper
Don't you dare to use the word cheap in sense of quality. No, not at all. It was all about prices. 1100 was much cheaper than the iPhone 4, especially for the Indian users. It was just for about 2k in its medieval reign. At the same time, iPhone 4 was much costly (please, you are forbidden to compare the features of the two pieces, that deteriorates the seriousness of the facts stated in this article, doesn't it).

Apple iPhone 4 vs. Nokia 1100 - Nokia 1100 didn't lock you down
Gandhiji dreamed about India's freedom for Indian people, so did Nokia for its customers. Incredibly, Nokia 1100 did not jail you down in the operator industry. You could use any SIM card in the Nokia 1100, unlike the iPhone 4 which locks you with operators like Verizon and AT&T and you cannot use Reliance, Docomo, Airtel etc. Ah, those were the days!!

Apple iPhone 4 vs. Nokia 1100 - Nokia 1100 was much smaller in size
Going specifically when you research on the sizes of the two pieces, one, which is the favorite of today's lovebirds, while the other, a history, a discontinued breed, you will find that the latter was much smaller in size when compared to the iPhone 4. The length and breadth of the 1100 was lesser than that of the iPhone 4. That means that you could accommodate another couple of 5 rupee coins in your pocket. (You are requested to not count on the screen size of the iPhone piece, this is not our interest, not one bit!)

Apple iPhone 4 vs. Nokia 1100 - Nokia 1100 could not be invaded by viruses
Nokia 1100 was much fortified, just like Akbar's kingdom was. No matter how advanced you have become, you always have to bend in front of the 1100 because it was a piece which couldn't be invaded by viruses. Even for the iPhone, though there are not much viruses yet, but can be designed in future, it is possible according to experts. But with Nokia 1100, you were secure. (Its just another thing that Nokia 1100 has no bluetooth, no infrared, no 3G, no Wi-Fi, not even the USB). So you could rely on it.

Apple iPhone 4 vs. Nokia 1100 - Nokia 1100 had Snake II and flickering screen
Would you believe that Nokia 1100 actually had the most popular mobile phone game - Snake II. Bingo, you could use the hard keys and turn the rattlers the way you wanted to. Now thats what is called action (don't laugh at my poor categorization skills, anyways, you may, cause its deliberate). Besides this, it had a genius screen which could actually flicker when someone called you, during ringtone playbacks, I mean. This is what I call great engineering. (The Retina Display in iPhone 4 is just another thing).

Nokia 1100 CRASH TEST
Maybe we can drop the Nokia 1100 from the third floor and I guess it will work even after such a 'CRASH TEST'..!!....Nokia 1100 is the most durable mobile phone I've ever had

source: thetrozone.com
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