10 breathtaking underwater photographs

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Jellyfish (Schristia)


Weeki Wachee Spring (Toni Frissell)
Toni Frissell’s amazing underwater shot was taken at Weeki Wachee Spring in Florida. It was taken in 1947 and published by Harper's Bazaar in their December 1947 issue. Since it has featured in the artwork for record covers.

Star Attraction (Lazio-Photo)
This Cushion Star was found at a depth of 15 metres in Panama’s Coiba National Park.

– Vicissitudes (Jason de Caires)
Surprising underwater world of sculptures placed inshore of Grenada. Artist Jason de Caires Taylor created 65 works for the first underwater sculpture park in the world. The sculptures have cement surfaces intended to cultivate sealife such as coral and barnacles.

Underwater Flight (Bill Harrison)

Freediving Competition: Official Top (Jean-Marc Kuffer)
Monofin freediver at the 2nd Great Camberwell Breath Hold Freediving Competition that held in London 31 of May 2009.

Fish Madness (Jon Hanson)
This shot of a school of anthias was taken by Jon Hanson.

Corsair Fighter Plane (Mattk1979)
The US Air Force plane crashed in 1946 during a training mission. This Corsair Fighter Plane sits 35 metres under the Pacific, off the coast of Oahu in Hawaii. The pilot, is said,managed to swim back to the Hawaiian where he continues to happily live down to our days.


Wreck, Puerto Calero (Mike Lawrence)
This wreck is in the Atlantic Ocean at Puerto Calero off Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Deliberately sunk vessel is dwelling for Angel Sharks, Barracuda, Rays, Cuttlefish, Amber Jacks and many fish


The Awakening (Leah2saints)
This amazing image symbolizes plunging past a swirling shoal of fish. This is a strange and dreamlike image.