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I was long connected to LoveChandigarh; actually it was me who started the forum there, not taking credit in any way but just a bit proud of that fact. (My .....

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Old 30-09-2006
Post Re: UNP's formation

I was long connected to LoveChandigarh; actually it was me who started the forum there, not taking credit in any way but just a bit proud of that fact. (My Id should be #2 there also if they haven’t changed it - LoveChandigarh.Com - View Profile: Dhillon )
We were a happy little community but then the things got pear shaped (at least for me) and I left LC.
One evening after a couple of beers with Bunty (my flat mate) we were discussing websites, he suggested the name unitedpunjab. Later that night I registered a free domain www.unitedpunjab.be and started a forum. For about a week I was the only one there. Most of my online friends were already on LC and I didn’t feel it proper to break anyone from there (till date I personally haven’t invited a single member of LC).
One day chatting with Rupy on yahoo, he asked me to start a web forum. I told him about www.unitedpunjab.be. He did most of the work from there, Inviting Jay, Marjana, Neil & others.
Then Ominous (Gagan) joined UNP, I wonder where we would be if not for him.
Once the forums started Rolling we changed www.unitedpunjab.be to UNP ~Keeping Desi Roots Alive~ on
November 23 2005 & now its www.unp.me
UNP is growing ever since and soon some new features will be added.

Old 30-09-2006
Re: UNP's formation


3 cheers 4 ONIONS

i mean Ominous

Old 30-09-2006
SHauKeeN GaBRu
Re: UNP's formation

it was lovechandigarh...i used to get invitations last year...but never joined...
some UNPians are also members of LC

Old 01-10-2006
Re: UNP's formation

i knw almost every1 on this site frm the previous site tht we use to hang arnd at.....
all mah best frndssss n the ppl i likedddd were on this site so i cme over ere as well

Old 02-10-2006
Re: UNP's formation

i dnt knw but if ne1z written in detail .. bt here it is for da newbies

some of us oldies used to be on this Other site ... but u knw when ppl start thinkin they the real deal .. and their were a lotta prblms there like oppression .. tyranny .. useless banning etc etc .. i mean their were certain ppl wreaking havoc in other ppl's personal or e-life just like that ... so anyhow .. due to fights and all ppl started leaving that site ... everybody loved the moments they'd spent together bt where culd v ppl go ? some other site ? ...

so then came .. www.unp.me ... 'rupy' suggested the idea .. 'D' put it into place .. and i helped ! ... then v invited our friends frm our yahoo etc .. so frm frenz to frenz to frenz ... what also boosted the site frm its intial stages were 2 ppl 'marjana' and 'ominous' ... marjana wid all his musiccccc .. which is ALOT ... lol .. and ominous wid all his geeky high-tech stuff lol .. like makin da site look pretty nd all ... and dat were the intial stages .. after that whoever joined the site has contributed immenselyy ... and as of now .. it is impossible to name the contributors to this site for ill have to literally paste half the member's list

so this is how unp came into formation ... in the intial stages we did have some roadblocks ... but unp cleared them all .. surpassing all expectations and limits we set for it ...

day by day we watched the member's list grow ... the post count grow .. the visitor count grow ... unp's been like a baby to all of us .. and seeing it grow ... anwwww .. lol .. ok im dun sounding cute nd all .. lol

So ... yes ... any Questions ?

Old 02-10-2006
Pardesan Punjaban
Re: UNP's formation

bahut wadiya jes

Old 02-10-2006
Roop Dhillon
Re: UNP's formation

Bahut Wadhiya Lageya eh sab padh ke.

Old 26-07-2007
Re: UNP's formation

nice post
got my answers

khaadi peeti vich hi enne lokk kathe hoge
haje govt ban laan nu firdi aa, daso

jeyonde raho bai, vasde raho sarre

Old 27-09-2007
Cool Re: UNP's formation

Vadiya ji...
I'm proud to be a member of such an organisation...

Old 13-02-2008
Re: UNP formation

nice to know saareyan de experiences...I havent been a part of this site from the beginning in fact i only joined last year but it feels like ive known everyone for a loooooooooooooooooong time

Old 13-02-2008
V € € R
Re: UNP formation

thnxxxxxxxxx 4 info ji...........

Old 13-02-2008
Re: UNP formation


Old 19-09-2008
Re: UNP formation


Old 19-09-2008
Re: UNP formation

kine matlabi lok ne..sara kuch mera kita karaya te credit aap layi jande ne

Old 19-09-2008
Re: UNP formation


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