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Aashiqui Not Allowed (2013) 4th Day Box Office Collection Aashiqui Not Allowed 1st Day Collection: 70 Lac Aashiqui Not Allowed 2nd Day Collection: 60 Lac Aashiqui Not Allowed 3rd Day .....

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Old 01-10-2013
Re: * Box Office Collections & Movie Reviews *

Aashiqui Not Allowed (2013) 4th Day Box Office Collection
UNP Image

Aashiqui Not Allowed 1st Day Collection: 70 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 2nd Day Collection: 60 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 3rd Day Collection: 80 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 4th Day Collection: 50 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed Total Collections: 2.60 Cr

Old 03-10-2013
Re: * Box Office Collections & Movie Reviews *

Aashiqui Not Allowed (2013) 6th Day Box Office Collection
Bittu as urge to earn money lands him in trouble with the Don, Billu Bakra. Trying to run from his trouble he finds more trouble when he decides to make film for the don. When love strikes Bittu, it strikes him hard. His love for Hansi, his escape from Billu Bakra who will never let love flourish under his nose and a film cursed with more bad luck brings more despair. Together Bittu and his friend Punnu start a journey where love, friendship, fun, trouble, death and horror meet each other.

Aashiqui Not Allowed (2013) Box Office Collection

Aashiqui Not Allowed 1st Day Collection: 70 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 2nd Day Collection: 60 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 3rd Day Collection: 80 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 4th Day Collection: 50 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 5th Day Collection: 45 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 6th Day Collection: 30 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed Total Collections: 3.35 Cr

Old 19-10-2013
Re: * Box Office Collections & Movie Reviews *

Movie Review: Heer & Hero Punjabi MovieUNP Image

Star cast: Arya Babbar, Minissha Lamba, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Preet Bhullar, Yograj Singh, Manoj Pahwa, Goldy Khurana, Surmmet Mavi, Gagandeep Kaur, Balraj Syal, Hobby Dhaliwal, Shiraaz Khan, Shaku Rana, Hazel Keech with Mukul Dev
Director: Sagar S. Sharma Producer: HB
Productions (Harjeet Bhullar & Etch B)
Music: Gurmeet Singh
Genre: Rom-Com
Censor Details: U/A (Punjabi) – 135 Minutes Synopsis

Heer & Hero follows the journey of a girl, Geet (Minissha) who is a fashion designer and wins a chance to go to Paris for a fashion show. However, her marriage is fixed and her father stops her from going to Paris. 3 Boys – Raj (Preet), Fateh (Arya) & Bhupi (Ghuggi) are all in love with Geet and want her to fly to Paris. They help her escape from her house on the day of her wedding; in a chance that one of them will get her. To find out which Hero gets the Heer; watch the film. Review: Heer & Hero, the next offering from the director of Burrraahh, has something new and unique to offer from what every comedy movie has. This one is also a comedy no doubt, but it has situational laughs and moreover it becomes a road journey in the second half, which is unique and first timer in Punjabi Cinema. Coming to the story, it’s a regular comic theme but this time, the female character is much more stronger than the usual’s. Screenplay is fast and pact to suit the mood of the film. One scene here and another there might seem as a forceful insertion but doesn’t harm because at the end of it, it will make you laugh. That’s it. Overall, Story and Screenplay by Rajan Agarwal offers an all in one package – Comedy, Action, Romance, Drama. Dialogues are by Sagar Sharma, Veer Vashisht & Kumar Ajay. They make you laugh and it seems like the characters of Arya Babbar and Mukul Dev got highlighted because of their dialogues. They had their own set of punches. Sagar S Sharma as a director achieved heights with Burrraahh and now in Heer & Hero he’s moved another step ahead. Technically, the film is well shot and he’s given an extraordinary lifeline to this ordinary idea on paper. Music is by Gurmeet Singh. Tracks like Lak Tunoo Tunoo, Heer Te Hero by Lehmber, Dil Nal Dil and Ullu Da Patha are all great in this variety album. Also the Haule Haule track at the start of the film with the numbering suited the mood and pace of the film. Coming to the performances, Arya Babbar stole the show. He’s a great actor no doubt but he needs roles, which have potential for him as an actor. Also he’s dubbed himself for the first time, which makes a lot of difference. Minissha Lamba and Preet Bhullar make confident debuts in Punjabi Cinema. Minissha has proved her acting in Hindi cinema and given such roles again she can perform well. Speaking of Preet, Punjabi Cinema has got a new hero. He has looks, physique, height and charm. That’s it. We have a new hero. Gurpreet Ghuggi as always was a treat to watch. His role could have been more in the first half. Mukul Dev, was strong as a character. Each time he made his presence, his character took the film forward. He was cleverly used. It was great to watch the likes of Manoj Pahwa and Yograj Singh in roles that suit them. Manoj had his share of ‘samosas’ in the film. Goldy Khurana as Ballu Bahadur will get noticed. Hazel sizzled the screen in Lak Tunoo Tunoo. Overall, Heer & Hero is a comedy film but has something unique and new to offer when it comes to comedies in Punjabi Cinema. It’s not that regular drawing room comedy. It has strong performances, some peppy music and much more. A watchable film this weekend.

Old 13-11-2013
Wink * XCL Bhaji In Problem Movie Review *

‘Comedy Masterpiece’

If you got something to do this weekend, delay it because you should be watching Bhaji in Problem. Yes it is that good !!!!

Directed by Smeep kang who has given us blockbusters like Carry on Jatta and Lucky di unlucky story, does a fantastic job at bringing this together on a screen.

Gippy Grewal in the lead role does a marvelous job at playing out different characters which are infact very complex in their own rights. His acting skills are unmatchable now. A established actor in his own right no doubt. He is supported by TV Serial Queen, Ragini Khanna, her first Punjabi movie that doesn’t stop her from delivering fantastic dialogue in Punjabi, a sure treat.

Comedy maestros Gurpreet Ghugi,, BN Sharma, Rana Jang Bahadur, Karamjit Anmol, khushbo Grewal and Misha Bajwa take this movie to another level. There are cameo appearances by our formidable Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh and Australia’s very own Japji Khaira.

Now here is a big draw card for the movie, Bhaji in Problem is produced by Ashvini Yardi and none other than wait for it Akshay Kumar !!!! Who would say no to doing a Punjabi movie right now and especially if you are of Punjabi Heritage in Bollywood like Akshay Kumar then you have to !!! This superhero has tried his luck as a producer and yes he does makes a guest appearance in a song as Bakshay kumar, no its not a spelling mistake he does appear as a Akshay kumars duplicate brother from Jalandhar Bakshay kumar . His song simply electrifies the set and thursts the movie to its finale with a fantastic build up.

Movie kicks off with a colorful song encapsulating in essence the colorful vibrant Punjab and its people. Then its all go .. He can jump , he can fly , he can make you laugh and offcourse he can throw a kick and a punch gippy just doesn’t stop …. It’s a full entertainment rollercoaster ride there on.

Now the plot, Movie kicks off with a land feud in two factions fighting over a land possession in a rural village setting and who is the guy to stop all of this !!! harbhajan singh as a cameo appearance … thanedaaara !!!

He delivers some choice dialogues, ‘ Dil vaade karo … rooj rooj lariyee karan naalo ek Vaare smajoutah karlo !!

Then twists start to unfold as Maninder Cheema , Gippy sets off to visit his Mama ji ( Om puri ) in the city who is a theatre director to find a honorable job and it all goes wrong for the poor lad, from here on you won’t stop laughing till the end. And then there is ghuggi stuck in between the two lives and two wives. How ghuggi juggles two wives in same town just takes on a different meaning when maninder(gippy)
ends up dragging him through some awkward situations. Plot thickens after the interval… Gippy has to play three characters Jeetah (Maninder), Sandeep and Gaurav jain and they interclash creating some hilarious scenes.

Here is the lowdown, comedy doesn’t stop . dialogues are actually very very funny…. And no its not a exaggeration they will make you laugh till the end. Movie doesn’t drops its tempo , dialogues are well written and well delivered. Relationships just take on a different meaning and comedy unfolds with a grand finale in Sandhu palace !!

This is a comedy master piece … drop what you doing, book your tickets and enjoy a fun night out …. This will be a night out you will remember for a long time…

If you guys think Carry on Jatta was Gippy’s best movie you are about to get a pleasant cheema surprise…

Final word

Bhaji in problem, movie doesn’t stops, doesn’t drop and you get your money’s worth by the end of it …

10 out 10

Old 13-11-2013
Re: * XCL Bhaji In Problem Movie Review *

thnxxxxx koi na dek da kive de aaaa

love you arsh

att post

Old 15-11-2013
Re: * Box Office Collections & Movie Reviews *

Star Cast: Gippy Grewal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Ragini Khanna, Khushboo Grewal, Misha Bajwa, Om Puri, B.N. Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, Nisha Bano, Avtar Gill, Rana Jung Bahadur & Japji Khaira, Harbhajan Singh, Akshay Kumar (in Guest Appearances)
Director: Smeep Kang
Producer: Ashvini Yardi (Grazing Goat Pictures), Round Square Productions and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Music: Jatinder Shah & Surinder Rattan
Genre: Comedy
Censor Details: U/A (Punjabi) – 123 Minutes

Synopsis: Sundeep Cheema (Ghuggi) is married to two women. Keeping them ignorant of one another’s existence has been something of a challenge. But he’s somehow managed it successfully! Until Jeeta (Gippy) enters in his life. Jeeta promptly falls for the lovely Preet (Ragini) who happens to be Sandeep’s sister. Sundeep is strongly opposed to this love match, because he knows all about Jeeta’s notorious past. Unfortunately, Jeeta also knows about Sundeep’s double life! So begins a hilarious battle of wits.
Bhaji In Problem has a lot of weight in the form of expectations from the Industry as well as Public. People have been asking me of weather this film could surpass Jatt & Juliet 2, well time will tell that. But for now, talking about Bhaji In Problem, it’s a film which has it’s own merits and stands tall on those merits.
Director Smeep Kang, who made his producers laugh all the way to the banks with Carry On Jatta is back again with another film of a similar genre. These films usually tend to be low on storyline but the dialogues for such films make up for the story and similar thing is there in BIP. Story by the Director himself is something, which is unexciting and unrealistic.
However, it’s the Screenplay and the Dialogues of the film, which do the trick. Smeep Kang seems to have done a fine job at the Screenplay. He’s somehow been able to connect all the events together at the end. Although Akshay’s sequence seemed like a forceful insertion and so were a few other songs. Dialogues by Gurpreet Ghuggi and Naresh Kathooria were first grade.
Smeep Kang as a Director has impressed with this film. He doesn’t commit many mistakes when it comes to Direction. In BIP, he has followed multiple styles of Direction. In some sequences towards the beginning and post interval, he’s made the film like a light-hearted comedy film where as he’s gone overboard and loud in other sequences. Overall, it’s a satisfactory job done by the Director.
Music is by 2 composers – Jatinder Shah & Surinder Rattan. The numbers are foot tapping and peppy. But frankly such music has no shelf life. It’s only alive till the film is in cinemas. Music of BIP has been a kind of a disappointment not meeting the expectations. Although it had names like Gippy Grewal, Jatinder Shah, Veet Baljit, etc.. Still Chad Gayi Hai & Ishq Zehreela were No. 1 & 2 in the album.
Coming to the performances, Gippy Grewal was in tremendous form. It was a pleasure to watch him act. He’s become strong and stronger with his each passing film. I won’t be surprised Gurpreet Ghuggi, as always was a treat to watch. He was top notch with his comic timing and expressions. His last release, Heer & Hero and this one have portrayed him in crunchy and somewhat lead roles.
Ragini Khanna was all right. Khushboo Grewal has really grown as an actor after Carry On Jatta. She is now getting into the mood of Punjabi Cinema and now deserves a lead role in Punjabi films. Veterans Om Puri & Avtar Gill were all right. Show stealer as always was B.N. Sharma. In this film, I felt that the director has done a lot of justice to his role and utilized him effectively. Karamjit Anmol & Nisha Bano were fine.
The film had a lot of come appearances. 3 of them were by big names – Akshay Kumar, Harbhajan Singh & Japji Khaira. They were all right in their performances. It was great to see Akshay Kumar acting in a Punjabi film. He was superb with his dialogue delivery in Punjabi. Also it was Cricketer Harbhajan Singh seen in a cameo. Interestingly, last time he made a cameo in a film – Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, also featured Akshay Kumar in it.
Overall, Bhaji in Problem is a film which has it’s own merits and will stand tall on them. Music & Story could have been better than what they are. Also it has fine performances from all its actors. It was a treat to watch both the GG’s – Gippy Grewal & Gurpreet Ghuggi. It’s a watchable film this weekend!
Ratings: 3/5

Old 16-11-2013
Re: * Box Office Collections & Movie Reviews *

Punjabi film #BhajiInProblem *Australia* Thu A$ 5,968, Fri A$ 18,249. Total: A$ 24,217 [₹ 14.23 lacs].

Punjabi film #BhajiInProblem *New Zealand* Thu NZ$ 3,451, Fri NZ$ 7,028. Total: NZ$ 10,479 [₹ 5.48 lacs].

Old 16-11-2013
Re: * Box Office Collections & Movie Reviews *

thanks for sharing the review

Old 17-11-2013
Re: * Box Office Collections & Movie Reviews *

Old 12-04-2014
Heart Disco Singh - Review

Disco Singh - Disco Singh Is Album Name Of Diljit (Latto) Movie Name Story Bhut Var Tut Jandi aw & Act Is Good Diljit & All Charcter Well Act But Film Lengthy & Story Changed Time To Time But Song Is Good & Disco Singh Is The Not Hit Movie Its Only Avg Eg Jatt & Juilet 1 & 2 Better Than Disco SIngh

Old 13-04-2014
Bsg head banger
Disco Singh Box Office - 2nd Best First Day collections in

Disco Singh Box Office - 2nd Best First Day collections in Punjabi Cinema, Diljit Dosanjh competing with himself.

Old 13-04-2014
Re: Disco Singh - Review

sahi gal a jma bekaar movie a

Old 14-04-2014
❤ ❤ ❤Jalebi❤ ❤ ❤
Re: Disco Singh - Review

yap true...

Old 25-04-2014
Re: Disco Singh - Review


Old 25-04-2014
Heart JaTT James Bond - Review

JaTT James Bond - JaTT James Bond Is New Punjabi Movie Jo Punjabi Cinema Nu Ek Vakhre Raah Te Lake Ja Skhdi aw kyu Ki Yaada Ter Punjabi Movie Comedy Hundiyan Ne & End Vich Ohi Confussion Hundi aw But JaTT James Bond Ehne Tu Hatt Ke Aw Eh Movie Di Story Bhut Vadia Aw & Gippy Grewal & Gurpreet Guggi,Karmjit anmol & Many Bollywood Character Is Here & Zarine Khan Tusi Punjabi Andaaz Ch Vakho Geya Jo Bhut Hi Sohni Lagdi aw Comedy,Action & Emotions & Great Success Punjabi Cinema & JaTT James Bond......Movie Vakho & Enjoy Karo

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