One hundered reasons why windows vista

1. It makes using your PC a breeze: Windows Vista features a breakthrough design and easy-to-use organizational tools that make it simpler to get things done and get on with .....

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Old 25-10-2008
One hundered reasons why windows vista

1.It makes using your PC a breeze: Windows Vista features a breakthrough design and easy-to-use organizational tools that make it simpler to get things done and get on with life! Find what you need instantly, on your PC or on the web, with Instant Search. Bring more clarity to your tasks with the spectacular Windows Aero user experience and Windows Flip 3D, allowing you to see everything you're working on at a glance

2.Now, all of your music is just a remote control click away: Navigate and play your music collection with just the click of a remote control! Windows Media Center and a compatible remote control let you quickly search and select tracks visually by album art, or by artist, album title, song, year, or genre. Share your Media Center screen and remote and give everyone the chance to mix and play their favorites

3.Safest version of Windows ever: Windows Vista provides better protection for your PC, your personal information, and your family than any previous version of Windows—with new security tools like Windows Defender, anti-spam and phishing filters, and Parental Controls. Automatic backups, Performance Self-Tuning, and built-in diagnostics help you keep your data protected and your PC running smoothly

4.See your world in a whole new light: The breakthrough design of the Windows Aero user interface brings new clarity to your PC experience. With spectacular visual effects, like translucent glass-like menu bars that let you see behind your application window, you're one click away from everything you're working with

5.It can find your stuff: All-new search and organization tools in Windows Vista will help you quickly find what you need on your hard drive or on the web. Instantly find and launch a document, photo, e-mail, song, video, file, or program on your PC with Instant Search

6.Because you're always on the run: Windows Vista offers new mobility features that let you stay productive and entertained on the go. Windows Mobility Center, Network and Sharing Center, and Sync Center help you stay connected and keep your PC and portable devices up to date with your latest calendar, contacts, and music. Choose an ultra-light Tablet PC and use a digital pen to handwrite notes or make sketches on the run. Take a break and enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, music, and games wherever you find yourself, with Windows Media Center on your notebook PC

7.Now, you can freeze time: Organize a lifetime of photos and home movies with ease using Windows Photo Gallery. Tag your photos by date, keyword, star rating, or any identifying label you choose—so you can find them when you want them

8.Your PC can take care of itself: Performance Self Tuning, Self-Healing technologies, Built-in Diagnostics, and repair tools keep your computer running at its best and provide automatic fixes, so you can spend less time dealing with problems and enjoy a more reliable PC experience

9.Unchain your mobile PC: Network and Sharing Center lets you set up a wireless network at home so you can experience the freedom of working from your living room, backyard, or anywhere in your home

10.Surf more safely: Dynamic Security Protection in Windows Internet Explorer 7 helps protect your PC and your personal information when you're online. Internet Explorer 7 also includes many new features designed to help protect you against malware

11.Help protect your kids online:Manage family access to Internet sites through centralized Parental Controls that let you set browsing controls that restrict access to inappropriate sites and give your children a safer Internet experience

12.Schedule showtime on your time: Windows Media Center makes it simple to get your favorite television shows on your own time. Use a compatible remote control and the built-in television guide to find, schedule, and record live TV—and watch your shows on your desktop PC, laptop, or television screen. Don't miss a single episode

13.Because you need to know who the bad guys are: The Phishing Filter and anti-phishing technology in Windows Internet Explorer 7 give you a warning when you browse suspicious or known malicious websites—so you can help protect your personal information against fraud

14.Make any room a media room:With Windows Media Center, you can access and project your TV, music, photos, and movies to any room in your house when you connect an Xbox 360 and other Media Center Extenders through your wired or wireless home network. Just grab the remote control, select your favorite entertainment from your TV or PC screen, and let the fun begin

15.Because your PC remembers to back up for you: Windows Backup and Restore Center offers improved backup and restore functions, with automatically scheduled backups to preserve priceless digital photos, music, movies, and documents

16.Get your new computer up and running in no time: Windows Easy Transfer makes it easier to set up your new computer by automatically transferring your important content, like files, folders, settings, and e-mail messages, from your old computer to your new one

17.It's like having your own personal anchorman: Windows Sidebar brings live information, like weather and news, as well as your calendar and other applications—directly to your desktop for instant access. Just click, and you're up to date

18.Create your own personal archive: Scheduled and Network Backup helps you to protect yourself from data loss and to preserve everything on your PC to the backup location of your choice. Automatically schedule your PC to archive your priceless digital photos, music, movies, TV shows, and documents to another computer or hard drive on your network or other media

19.Watch live TV on your PC: Windows Media Center makes your PC a super-powered TV set! Connect your television input to your desktop or laptop PC, and use a compatible remote control to watch live TV—and pause the action so you never have to miss a moment

20.Set up your home network in a flash: Network and Sharing Center puts you in control of your network experience so that setting up, using, and managing your home network is a snap! Connect to your wired or wireless network, share a high-speed Internet connection and printers, copy files between computers, or take a break and enjoy your favorite online entertainment at home

21.Put more playtime in family time: Bring the whole family together to enjoy Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans, an exciting new kids learning game, Purble Place, and other third-party games using Windows Media Center to play and watch on your TV screen

22.See everything you're working on at a glance: New Windows Flip 3D lets you flip through all of your open files and windows with a simple click of your mouse—so you can easily see and manage all of your tasks

23.Because it's like a digital candy store:You choose the fun—TV, games, music, movies, home videos, or photo slide shows—Windows Vista has all of your entertainment in one convenient place. Enjoy it on your PC, or gather friends and family around your home entertainment center, and let the good times roll

24.Because you don't want to worry about spyware: Relax, you're better protected—Windows Defender helps defend your PC against pop-ups, security threats, and slow performance caused by spyware by automatically scanning your computer and offering to remove any unwanted software that it finds

25.It works with the software, hardware, and services you want: Windows Vista is compatible with a wide array of software applications, hardware devices, and services to meet your computing needs. Just look for the Certified for Windows Vista logo to ensure you'll get a superior Windows Vista experience

26.Because you're a multitasker: Like to follow cross-links and jump from website to website? Quick Tabs in Windows Internet Explorer 7 allows you to view thumbnail images of all of your open web pages at a glance

27.Because your computer can keep up with you while you're on the go: Windows Mobility Center gives you a central place to quickly access and set all of your important mobile system settings, such as power, wireless networking, synchronization, and external display

28.Enjoy your memories, larger than life: Use Windows Media Center to share big, beautiful photos and home videos in full glory on your TV screen. Your entire digital photo and video library is all right there. Add your own soundtrack to set a party mood, or pass the remote to let friends and family join in the fun

29.Take the handwritten approach: Windows Vista offers digital ink input and handwriting so you can be more productive on the run. Tablet and Touch Technology, allows you to handwrite notes, make sketches, and quickly navigate through files or websites with a flick of a digital pen on an ultra-light Tablet PC

30.Restore your PC in an instant: Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore takes a perfect "picture" of your PC's hard disks, allowing you to create a complete backup of your entire PC—including personal files, system files, programs, and settings—which can be used if the system ever has to be completely restored

31.Because your PC lets you know if something's wrong—and helps you fix it: Windows Vista alerts you when potentially dangerous software is trying to run on your computer and helps keep your PC running smoothly by warning you when critical resources are low. Windows Internet Explorer 7 also lets you know when your current settings may put you at risk when you're browsing online and enables you to fix them easily

32.Streamline IT management across your business: Centralize management of PCs across your business network with expanded Group Policy support in Windows Vista. Configure security and network settings, and allow users to access data from servers offline or from multiple PCs on your network

33.Preserve a lifetime of memories: Scheduled and Network Backup lets you automatically back up your photos and videos to another PC or hard drive on your home network—so you'll never worry about losing your priceless memories. Burn your photos and videos to CD or to DVDs with Windows DVD Maker so you can pass them on and enjoy them on a PC or on a DVD player for years to come

34.Connect to the network at work or school: Domain Join makes it easy to connect your computer to corporate or school networks that are set up to restrict access to users with a domain user name and password

35.Because you'll know it when you see it: Search and identify your files faster—by sight. Each file icon in Windows Vista is a small visual of the actual file, so you can view it at a glance and decide if it's the one you want. A video file plays a short snippet of the full video. Adjust your icon size to your own preference to make searching even easier

36.Get a "do-over" when you need it: Experiment any way you like with your photo images. With Windows Photo Gallery Viewer, your original photo is automatically saved in case you want to see it or reuse it in a different way

37.Keep your info under lock and key: Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption provides full-volume encryption and boot integrity checking to help ensure that the data on your compatible laptop PC stays confidential, even if it has been lost or stolen

38.It's the cure for red-eye: Make every picture perfect with the easy, built-in tools in Windows Photo Gallery—like Cropping, Red-Eye Removal, and one-click Auto Adjust to correct the color and exposure of your digital photos

39.Relive your memories…each and every one: Windows Photo Gallery makes it much easier to find, enjoy, and share that extra-special shot. Organize your images by date, place, person, star rating—or any keyword tag you choose. Find your pictures at a glance, or use built-in instant search to sort through hundreds—or thousands!—of photos in a flash

40.Because you love what you do: With a myriad of new navigation and organization tools, Windows Vista makes it faster and easier to do nearly anything on your PC. Flexible information management tools let you instantly find and view your files any way that you want, so you can get through your "to do" list quickly and focus on what you love

41.Because your PC will stay up to date, automatically: Windows Update routinely checks for the latest important updates for your computer and automatically downloads and installs them, so you can always be sure that your computer is current

42.E-mail your photos without worrying about the file size: Windows Photo Gallery lets you easily compress your photos and home videos for convenient sharing over e-mail. The photo-video e-mail wizard walks you through the process of reducing the file size and sends off your memories in just a few steps

43.It's parent friendly: Set the rules for your kids' PC time. With easy-to-use parental controls in Windows Vista, you can set limits on games, Internet use, applications, even hours of use, so you can help your kids use the PC more productively

44.Because you have a need for speed: Need to speed up your computer? Simply plug a USB memory stick into your desktop or notebook computer and let Windows ReadyBoost do the rest

45.Because you hate all those boxes and wires: With Windows Media Center, you can bring together all of your favorite consumer electronics devices—TV, stereo, DVR, gaming device, and personal computer—in one neat package, making a PC with Windows Vista the perfect entertainment solution for small spaces

46.Your music can look as good as it sounds: See your music more clearly with Windows Media Player 11: Customizable album art and a stacking view of your music collection let you easily find and enjoy your favorites.
47.Let the fun start now: Find your favorite entertainment faster—by sight. Windows Media Center shows you thumbnail pictures that allow you to quickly identify your music by album art, as well as photos, movies, or TV shows—by image—so you can enjoy them as soon as you spot them

48.Stay connected wherever you go: When you're out and about, improved wireless networking in Windows Vista makes it simple to find and join a wireless network at work, at home, or at your favorite public hotspot—so you can surf the Internet, take care of business, or stay in touch wherever you go

49.Take your workspace with you: Stay connected and effective wherever you are! Sync Center lets you keep other PCs, server shares, shared documents, digital media players, Smartphones, Pocket PCs, and other devices synchronized with your PC—easily in one common place

50.Get more out of the web: Tabbed Browsing in Windows Internet Explorer 7 enables you to simultaneously browse multiple pages on the Internet in one window

51.Because you live to play: Windows Games Explorer makes it easier to install, organize, and play your games. Thumbnail graphics for each game give you easy access and detailed information, such as the game publisher, the genre and rating for each game, and when you last played

52.Take control of game time: Manage playtime with tools that set time limits and control access to games with appropriate content for your family. Games Explorer lets you review and organize games according to game title, rating, category, or content. Parental Controls make it easy to monitor children's gaming activity and to restrict access to inappropriate games

53.Because you can get more done when you work together:Use Windows Meeting Space to invite friends or colleagues to work with you on projects over the Internet, a company network, or an ad-hoc wireless network. Pass notes in class, swap photos at a favorite hotspot, or share your desktop to edit documents or take notes

54.Stay entertained wherever you go: Use your portable notebook PC to record and watch your favorite programs and movies with Windows Media Center—then watch them on the plane or in your hotel room

55.Because success tomorrow starts today: Windows Vista makes it easier to find, use, and share your documents, research, and other schoolwork. Organize files by date, place, or person—or label them with any word you choose—and find them in an instant

56.Print what you see: Windows Internet Explorer 7 lets you print out exactly what you see on the web and reduces printing waste by automatically shrinking pages to fit your paper so images don't get cut out and by allowing you to print only selected text or pictures

57.Because you don't need a PC to watch your home movies: Windows DVD Maker lets you create professional-looking DVDs of your photos and home movies—complete with transitions and chapters—that you can watch on your home DVD player. That makes it easier to share digital photos and videos of your family events with all of the relatives—even if they don't have a PC of their own

58.Fill your home with music:The media sharing feature in Windows Media Player 11 lets you find, access, and listen to your digital music collection anywhere on your home network. With PC-to-PC sharing, digital media receivers, and other devices connected to your network, you can rock out in any room of your house—or in multiple rooms

59.Make a masterpiece: Blend your photos and home videos into a rich movie experience, complete with soundtrack, titles and credits, and creative transitions

60.Because you want your video memories to stay true to life: Windows Movie Maker lets you retain high-definition quality as you capture, edit, and publish movies from your HD camcorder.

61.Stand strong against hackers: The easy-to-use Windows Firewall with Advanced Security provides advanced protection to help shield you and your PC from malicious attacks

62.Because it remembers what you like to do—and helps you do it faster: Windows SuperFetch helps improve PC responsiveness and helps make system performance more consistent by tracking which applications you use most often and preloading them into memory for quick access

63.Help is always available: Whether you're a first-time user or an expert, the built-in Help System is designed to aid you in quickly learning new tasks, providing step-by-step support, and solving problems that Windows Vista has not automatically taken care of for you

64.Keep your files confidential : Encrypting File System (EFS) allows you to encrypt files and folders—so if two people are sharing a PC, the data of each user is not available to the other. Windows Vista makes EFS easier to manage by allowing you to store EFS keys on smart cards

65.Send a fax on the spot: Windows Fax and Scan makes sending and receiving faxes directly from your PC as simple as using e-mail. With fax templates linked to your address book, it's easy to retrieve a fax number, attach your documents, and just click to send

66.Because everyone goofs sometimes: Have you ever accidentally overwritten, deleted, or failed to save a file you were working on? Shadow Copy helps you protect your data from accidental loss by automatically creating daily "restore points" that capture older versions of your files as you work. Quickly and easily retrieve documents that you might have accidentally deleted—even if you've never backed up your files

67.Because e-mail is your lifeline: Windows Mail has new tools to help you stay in touch and focus on the e-mail that matters most, with new mail filters to help protect you from spam, phishing attacks, and malicious attachments. Built-in Instant Search lets you quickly find any e-mail, even if you have to sort through thousands

68.Stay on top of your family's schedule: Windows Calendar lets you set up shared family calendars and automatic alerts, so you never miss an important event—whether it's a family celebration or just a reminder to pay the monthly bills

69.Because you want the quality of your printouts to match the quality of your work: Windows Vista brings next-generation printing technology to your compatible printer, helping it to deliver richer color for more lifelike photos, high-fidelity printouts, less waste from misprints, and improved performance that may reduce your printing time

70.Your PC is ready when you are: Windows Vista has a new Sleep power state that enables you to use your computer whenever you want, without having to wait for the computer to boot up. Put your PC to sleep to save documents, applications, and data to both the hard drive and memory, then restore your previous work session within seconds

71.Keep your favorite things at your fingertips: Search Folders let you save a search and instantly run it anytime with just a click. Design and save a search based on frequently used keywords or other criteria, and your existing and new files will automatically show up in your Search Folder any time the search is run—regardless of where on your PC you put them

72.Get the latest news delivered right to your desktop: Windows Internet Explorer 7 automatically detects RSS feeds so you can have personalized sports, news, or shopping feeds delivered directly to you, and you can stay up to date with new entries all in one place without visiting individual websites

73.Because your photos and home movies don't have to be stuck in your PC anymore: Windows Vista makes it simple to share your memories with friends and family—whether they're right with you or thousands of miles away. Present a rich multimedia slide show on your PC or TV screen at home. Easily burn photos and home videos with a soundtrack to CD or DVD with a compatible remote control automatically resize and send photos using the e-mail wizard in Windows Photo Gallery

74.Because your memories need a little mood music: Windows Media Center lets you set a cinematic slide show of your favorite photos to music—just use the remote control to select tunes from your music library to create the right nostalgic mood

75.Because you want professional-looking photos from your own printer: Windows Photo Gallery guides you through an easy-to-use, high-fidelity photo print experience at home. Custom-print your pictures in crisp, accurate color with borderless printing, larger paper sizes, and international picture sizes

76.Because all the relatives want a copy of that special shot: Windows Photo Gallery makes it easy for you to order professional photo prints in a variety of sizes, finishes, and quantities over the Internet, for mail delivery or pickup at a nearby store. Order prints instantly—just one click takes you online to order from your preferred retail photo finisher

77.Capture a moment in an instant. Now release it just as quickly: Transfer photos from your camera to your computer in a flash with a simple import process into Windows Photo Gallery

78.Because you've got more ways to take your music with you wherever you go: Using Windows Media Player 11, it's speedy and simple to send music files from your PC to your favorite compatible portable music device. PlaysForSure lets you know your music will come through loud and clear, so you can enjoy it anywhere you go!
79.Let your music collection grow with you: Windows Media Player 11 makes digital music collecting easier, with new tools that make it simple and quick to rip CDs to your PC, get new tracks or a subscription from an online music service, and enjoy a seamless connection to your portable devices

80.Because you're a media master: Watch TV, burn shows to CD or DVD, download a movie, and record the big game—all at the same time, with Windows Media Center

81.Because it makes your TV smarter:Connect your PC to your television set, and Windows Media Center lets you access news, download movies, and get other information and entertainment from leading companies—right from your TV. Schedule recordings of your favorite series from your TV screen using the Media Center television guide, and watch them when you want—not when the networks schedule them. Take your TV to the next level, and use it to enjoy all of your digital entertainment—including photos, home videos, and music—on the big screen

82.Presenting your new home entertainment hub: Your PC: Record and watch live TV. Play movies. Listen to your favorite music. View your photos and home videos. With high-fidelity visuals and surround sound—from the comfort of your couch—using Windows Media Center and a compatible remote control. Connect your PC to your TV and enjoy it on the big screen. And with an Xbox 360 connected to your wired or wireless home network, you can get your entertainment in any room of your house

83.It makes your desktop come alive: Windows DreamScene transforms your PC desktop beyond simple static wallpaper images, by enabling you to showcase full-motion visuals like home movies or other video clips

84.Sit back, relax, and pass the remote: Windows Media Center makes it easier than ever to access and enjoy all of your favorite digital entertainment using a remote control. Watch live or recorded TV shows, download movies, project your home video creations, and view a cinematic slide show set to music on your TV or PC screen—then pass the remote to share the fun with friends and family

85.Your PC can be multilingual: Support for multiple user interface languages means that multilingual households or people learning a language can install multiple languages on their PC and switch from one language to another without restarting the computer

86.Archive your media library: Scheduled and Network Backup allows you to automatically back up your recorded TV shows, songs, albums, and playlists to another PC or hard drive on your home network—so you'll never worry about losing your favorite entertainment. Burn your digital media to DVD with Windows DVD Maker and create a media archive you can enjoy anytime on a PC or on a DVD player

87.Play the hottest new games: From simple to spectacular, there's a game for every age and ability—on your PC or online. Have more fun on your PC with cool new premium Windows Vista games like Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans, Purble Place, and Inkball

88.Take your game beyond the next level: Hit the latest high-performance games with ultra-vivid 3-D graphics. DirectX 10 technology makes gameplay more engaging and allows you to use the same game controller with both your PC and your Xbox 360. With faster performance and more stable connectivity, it's a blast to go head-to-head online against your best friends or other gamers anywhere in the world

89.Take your games to go: Enjoy your favorite PC or online games—wherever you go—on your laptop PC with Windows Vista. Faster, more stable connectivity lets you stay connected with gamers back home—or anywhere in the world

90.Check your e-mail without booting up your PC: Windows SideShow lets you read an e-mail message, confirm a meeting location, or check an airline flight reservation—even when your PC is off! Portable computers and other devices equipped with secondary screens allow you to view important information regardless of whether your laptop is closed or in Sleep mode

91.Take your fun with you: Sync Center gives you one easy place to sync up your pictures, music, recorded TV, and other digital entertainment with other PCs, server shares, shared documents, digital media devices, Smartphones, Pocket PCs, and other devices.
92.Showing is more powerful than telling: With a Tablet PC and a digital pen, you can easily capture a snip or screenshot of any object on your screen—whether it's part of a website, document, or program. Paste your snippet into e-mails, documents, IM, or other digital conversations to illustrate your point exactly

93.Work your own way: Tablet and Touch Technology gives you new options for interacting with your PC—if touch input is available on your computer, you can use your finger to do many of the things you do with a mouse or a tablet pen

94.Because you want your wireless connection to be more secure: Windows Vista offers enhanced support for new Wireless Security Protocols, including WPA2, to help give you the confidence that your wireless connection will be safer

95.Take network files and folders with you: Be more productive when working offline. Corporate Roaming and Offline Files and Folders allow you to take network files and folders with you on your PC and automatically synchronize with the server more efficiently when you reconnect with the corporate network

96.Access your desktop wherever you go: Remote Desktop helps make it easier to more securely access documents and programs on your computer remotely from across your home network or across the Internet from another computer, enabling you to get work done wherever you have an Internet connection

97.Because your business doesn't need more than one scanner: With Windows Fax and Scan, just one click lets you scan documents and images from scanners and multifunction devices connected directly to your PC or elsewhere on your network. Adjust your image settings, get a live preview, and share scanned documents via a routing list

98.Make your presentations more professional: Network Projection lets you share presentations, photos, and slide shows by making it easy to connect to wired or wireless networked projectors. Connect wirelessly so you don't have to share cables or move equipment, and choose the appearance of your on-screen desktop display to leave a polished impression

99.Because you get more out of information when you share it: Improved File and Folder Sharing allows you to more effectively share folders and files with others on your network by making it easier to find and configure sharing features, like specifying who you want to share a file with and the level of access you want to enable

100. Because your network is the backbone of your business: Network Diagnostics and Troubleshooting provides built-in diagnostics designed to help you identify and quickly solve network connectivity problems

Old 17-11-2008
Re: One hundered reasons why windows vis


Old 19-11-2008
Re: One hundered reasons why windows vis

lol most of these are the same. u'v mentioned Windows Photo Gallery like 10x and most of the features are useless and resource hungry.
i'll wait for windows 7

Old 23-11-2008
Re: One hundered reasons why windows vis

thnx aman ji

Old 28-11-2008
V € € R
Re: One hundered reasons why windows vis


Old 02-04-2009
Birha Tu Sultan
Re: One hundered reasons why windows vis

thx bai

Old 28-11-2009
Re: One hundered reasons why windows vista

Vista is crap
does anyone know
when the first vista version was released officialy , it had 4 flas n Microsoft was aware of that
I hate it

Old 25-05-2010
Re: One hundered reasons why windows vista


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