This is HOW AB became AURO in PAA

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Old 11-Dec-2009
Smile This is HOW AB became AURO in PAA

Paa, the long awaited R. Balki movie released on 4th December 2009. The movie is about a 12 year Progeria infected kid who is living with his Maternal Grand Mother and gynecologist Mom played by Vidya Balan. Paa is a flick where people go with a mindset to watch Amitabh Bachchan in a completely different role and after watching the movie they realize “Amitabh Bachchan” is actually missing from the movie. Rather it is Auro, a 12 year old kid who has taken over Amitabh Bachchan.

Amitabh Bachchan is truly the "Star of the Millennium". It is hard to imagine a 67 year old actor to actually act like a 12 year old kid and Amitabh has done it flawlessly. You’ll not get a single glimpse of Amitabh Bachchan in the movie.

Here are the pictures to show as to how Amitabh Bachchan transformed into Auro, a 12 year old kid.

The most Herculean task about the latest release PAA was transforming a 67-year old Amitabh Bachchan into 13-year old child Auro, suffering from a rare disorder called progeria. So come let's take a short run-through over how Amitabh became Auro.

The prosthetic makeup, as we know, has been done by Hollywood's Christien Tinsley (The Passion of the Christ, Cat Woman) and Dominie Till (The Lord of The Rings Trilogy).

According to the reports Bachchan's make-up cost 10 per cent of the total budget.

It used to take four to five hours daily for Amitabh Bachchan's makeup to be done for his film PAA.

Not only this, if it used to take four hours to put on the make-up then two hours to remove it.

There are eight different layers of clay which has been put in his make up in the film

While applying the make up he cannot eat, drink and talk for four hours.

Most of the performance comes out because of the make up.

Big B wore specially designed dentures so as to effortlessly replicate the voice of a 13-year old child.

He gets a lisp and his speech pattern gets altered because of the extra teeth.

He wore the dentures throughout the film's shooting and also had them on while dubbing.

Infact he has also sung a song in his voice wearing these dentures, which sounds like a child.

Inspite of his condition, Auro is a happy boy.

But Big B never ever showed a sign of panic, on the contrary he was always co-operative, patient, cool and full of enthusiasm.

Director R. Balki deserves a salute for thinking out of the box and also presenting Amitabh Bachchan like never before.

10 minutes into the film and you forget you’re watching Amitabh Bachchan. For, Auro takes over the moment he is introduced to the viewer.

Yet, all said and done, PAA is an outstanding film. A film for every paa, every maa… for everyone with a heart. Take a bow, Auro!


Old 12-Dec-2009
Re: This is HOW AB became AURO in PAA

awesum...i watched it yesterday...gr8 work done by amitabh and all team members...

Old 12-Dec-2009
SHauKeeN GaBRu
Re: This is HOW AB became AURO in PAA

moved to Bollywood Gallery

Old 13-Dec-2009
Re: This is HOW AB became AURO in PAA

mainu v mail aayi c ah
btw movie bahut sahi hai

Old 14-Dec-2009
Re: This is HOW AB became AURO in PAA

wwowo nice work yaar

Old 14-Dec-2009
Re: This is HOW AB became AURO in PAA

thanks for this usful post

Old 14-Dec-2009
Re: This is HOW AB became AURO in PAA

nicework carry on

Old 14-Dec-2009
Re: This is HOW AB became AURO in PAA


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