The worst dressed actresses Of yr 2007!

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Old 19-Jun-2008
The worst dressed actresses Of yr 2007!


By most measures, Vidya Balan enjoyed a successful 2007. Three of her films, Guru, Heyy Babyy and Bhool Bhulaiya -- did well at the box office, and she cemented her status in Bollywood.
But hold everything! Have you seen the way this girl dresses? Yikes!
Though she possesses unquestionable beauty, her very questionable wardrobe belongs on someone twice her age (and size).
If we see another boring, conservative button-down shirt or one more pair of frumpy trousers, we might just scream! You're blessed with exceptional looks, Vidya. So show it off!


We've just chastised Vidya for her understated dress, but there are certainly worse mistakes one can make.

Take India's most expensive item girl, Mallika Sherawat, for instance. Not only are her film outfits enough to make a sailor blush, her everyday wear isn't far behind.
While various world-wide media outlets reward this provocative behaviour (askmen.com number 78th most desirable woman; Cover magazine's top 100 most beautiful Asians), it appears that India wants Mallika to cover up.
And before we're smothered to death by the hormone induced rage of India's teens, ask yourself a question:
Would you want 1,000,000,000 people commenting on your ubiquitous cleavage? At least she had the sense to decline Playboy magazine's offer to appear nude, citing moral reasons.


And then there's Kareena, who has been in the news constantly throughout 2007.

Her break-up with Shahid Kapoor?
How serious is she with Saif Ali Khan?
Frankly, we don't care. We just want her to put some flare and creativity into what she wears. Kareena, enough unflattering denim and dowdy tops! You were born in 1980, not 1960. Act like it!


We know, Amisha, we know.

Your parents were conservative. You weren't bred to be an actress. And so on.
But at some point, you have to accept the limelight and dress like the hottie you are!
Your beauty is evident, as your brief appearance in Om Shanti Om reminds us.
Then why, pray tell, do you look awkward and uncomfortable off-screen? You have some tremendous assets; put them to good use already! And we hate to be picky, but please work on those arms. That dangling, hanging fat is quite unsightly!



What a whirlwind year it has been for India's maharani.
Dhoom 2's success carried through to the new year.
And Abhishek Bachchan popped the big question, leading to the highly celebrated marriage in April.
But that's still no excuse for the way she's been dressing! Big, clunky sunglasses, ugly track suits and decidedly ordinary t-shirts dominated Ash's wardrobe in 2007.
Let's hope the former Ms World doesn't settle comfortably into the role of housewife: eating sweets and watching soaps while wearing pyjamas!


Urmila, you've proven that you're a talented, ambitious lady.

You've diversified your roles, branched into music and established yourself as a 'serious' actor.
But seriously, we miss the Urmila of old! At one time, you were arguably India's sexiest actress.
Now, you're rapidly on the road to becoming Urmila-auntie. What a difference a decade makes.


She may be Bollywood's leading lady, but her fashion sense leaves much to be desired.

At one time, Rani was a hip, classy dresser, pulling off everything from traditional saris to chic, bohemian designer wear.
Now, she's looking older, podgier and downright average. The multi-coloured tops with empire cuts and plunging necklines have been out of fashion for at least a year. Did you miss the memo?

Old 19-Jun-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 2007!

nice dear

Old 19-Jun-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 2007!

award goes to vidhya balan

Old 19-Jun-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 2007!

Old 22-Oct-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 20

daymm .. !! :
Sareya pea ina da ..

Old 05-Dec-2008
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 20

kareena's attire is just wonderful, what do u mean by looking down at denim, its evergreen nothing about 60s 80s or 00s.

geee why in the world u put this hoes pic inside thread, sheravat.

Old 05-Dec-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 20

vidya balan nu ta hun v award milna chahida aa worst dressing sense da

Old 05-Dec-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 20

sehaj...tenu badu knowledge hegi ehdi

Old 05-Dec-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 20


Old 06-Dec-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 20

mallika looks scary in that pic.. and urmila doesnt belong in that list

Old 18-Dec-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 20

yeah true..vidya balan can do much more than that...i think she should stick to saree with sexy cuts! it will really suit her docile face!

Old 19-Dec-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 20

Vidya Balan deserves an applause for such bad dress sense

Old 19-Dec-2008
Bhaarat ki Mitti
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 20

vidya balan is pretty hot. but she deserves this award.

and urmila is well dressed in that pic i think

Old 20-Dec-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 20

LMFAO0O0O0O WHERE did u find these pics from????

Old 25-Dec-2008
Re: The worst dressed actresses Of yr 20

lol they just chillin...let em be lax

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