Would you tell your frd his.her partner cheatin?

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Old 10-Dec-2009
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Talking Would you tell your frd his.her partner cheatin?

Last week, a good friend of mine found out that her Register had been Register for several months. A girl who used to date a friend of her boyfriend took her out for drinks one night and told her. The informant said if she was in my friend's position, she would have wanted to know.

Needless to say, my friend was devastated but obviously relieved she figured out this guy was a slime ball before she'd given any more of her time, love and energy Register.

This got me thinking about what I would have done in the informant's situation.

I've always had a huge issue with exposing a cheater. On one hand, I think any man or woman who is being deceived by their partner has a right to know the truth and be informed about any extra-curricular relationships that are going on. There's a part of me that seeks to do 'what's right' and so they can make an informed decision about how they want their relationship to progress. When my friend found out, she dumped that guy like Register.

But on the other hand, somtimes I feel like
Register are none of my business and I should just stay out of it. Perhaps they have an open relationship or there are far more complex things going on that I'm not aware of. And maybe somtimes you should let fate run its course, because eventually, a cheater usually gets caught.
I appreciate that a relative stranger found it necessary to tell my friend, but it must have been really hard, and I'm sure at times she must have questioned her motivations and the repercussion of getting involved in someone else's romantic relationship. But had she not, who knows how long my friend and that dirtbag would have carried on dating?
Would you tell someone if their partner was cheating? Or do you think it's better to just mind your business?
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Old 10-Dec-2009
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Re: Would you tell your frd his.her partner cheati

A big number of guys opt to cheat, this is sad but true that world isnt much easy for girls, and they need to be very very rational and judgemental for a successful relationship.

Though, if it happens with a close friend of mine, i wont hesitate to make things clear, and tell him/her that it part of life, and u arent first in world who experienced it.

Old 11-Dec-2009
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Re: Would you tell your frd his.her partner cheati

yeh true

Old 12-Dec-2009
Re: Would you tell your frd his.her partner cheati

well to this i am gona say
I will just advise and give him/her a hint
because ive seen one of my friend telling someone about it and she won't believe !
in that situation i can't just say " god bless you "

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