Wierd and Funny Facts that you have never heard

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Wierd and Funny Facts that you have never heard

1) In Siberia it is against the law to smoke a cigarette whilst sitting down on the side of the road.

2) A recent study by Prof. Gellar in southern California showed that if builders are in desperate need to go to the bathroom, they build twice as fast and are four times more likely to make critical mistakes.

3) In the year 2000, Scientists in Russia successfully made a Queen Bee and a wasp breed together to form a new species called 'Octubunto' which means 'rapid stinger'. However the 'Octubuntoos' lacked a sufficient Immune system to survive for more than 4 hours and therefore became extinct the same day they came into being.

4) If a person is in a room which has a temperature of 21 degrees and turns on the fan on full power, in 30 minutes the room temperature will be 24 degrees.

5) If a brick is dropped from 50 feet in the air, it has the power to pierce through bullet proof glass.

6) Two thirds of the worlds population have a hotmail e-mail address!

7) If men weren't born with nipples, they would not have any lips either. This is because the information contained in the skin DNA of a nipple has information which is then passed on to the Lip Cells.

8) The highest fall a baby toddler has survived is 89 feet by Soloman Zaydi from South Africa who fell from a hotel balcony in Cape Town. He suffered only a broken arm.

9) A Dachshund (aka Sausage dog) is the only dog that can see colour.

10) If a normal LCD Television is left on for 49 hours and then thrown into a forrest immediately after, it has the ability to start a forrest fire.

11) You can varnish wood with a skinned apple that has been dipped in lemon juice.

12) If you have a walkman or Phone and play music on full volume for 10 hours, you will be 70% deaf by the end of the ordeal.

13) The only way you can cause a chemical reaction between zinc and iron is if you spit on it.

14) A study in 2008 has shown that between the years 2000 and 2006, the number of webpages had multiplied by 79,890,032

15) Every time you blink, you burn off 0.25 calories.

16) In a lifetime the average human being eats 7,800,782,000 Calories and burns off 7,800,775,000 Calories.

17) The Big White Whale is the largest creature on earth, but has the least number of muscles known to any creature.

18) Although bats are blind, they can use their 'Echolocation' navigation system to spot prey which is located on the other side of a 5 meter thick wall.

19) If the sun never set, and the temperature never went below 21 degrees, all creatures on earth would be 4 times shorter than they are now.

20) If there was a rope long enough to tie around the world, the people holding the rope on each end will fly into orbit.

21) If you throw a frisbee 1 meter, it will always rotate exactly 6 times in the air.

22) All of the facts mentioned above are false. Thanks for wasting your time on my thread, and don't always believe what your told.

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Re: Wierd and Funny Facts that you have never hear

mera ehna time waste karta
punishment milugiiii hun

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Re: Wierd and Funny Facts that you have never hear

lolzzzzzzzz tfs

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Re: Wierd and Funny Facts that you have never hear

Originally Posted by .SiPPi. View Post
mera ehna time waste karta
punishment milugiiii hun

agli wari poora paran toh pehla thaley nazaar mar lawin...

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