Why & How itís called Windows 7...?

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Old 31-Mar-2010
Arrow Why & How itís called Windows 7...?

Why the new windows announced by Microsoft is called Windows 7...
Before the announcement of Windows 7, Microsoft has already announced 6 windows to its users and all of them are public for us.
Lets count all windows from 1 to 7 here...

Windows 1:
It was released in November 1985 by Microsoft.

Windows 2.0:
Windows 2.0 was announced in October 1987 and an upgrade version 2.1 in May 1988.

Windows 3:
It was introduced with some what 32-bit capabilities, came to market in May 1990 and came into its own with version 3.1 in April 1992. It shipped as Windows NT 3.1 in July 1993 and was fully a 32-bit operating system. Windows NT 3.5 shipped in 1994,

Windows 4:
It was in public in 1995 as Windows 95, the first consumer version with pervasive 32-bit support. Windows 98 arrived in June 1998, and a second edition (Windows 98 SE) replaced it a year later. Windows Me (Millenium Edition) shipped in September 2000.

Windows 5:
Arrived in 2000 February, a replacement for NT 4.0, its Windows 2000, its consumer version is windows XP, we call it windows 5.1, was released to manufacturers in August 2001 and not available on the retail market until October.

Windows 6:

Windows 6 was named Windows Vista, released to manufacturers in November 2006, and reached the retail market in January 2007. Vista is also available in separate 64-bit editions. Windows Server 2008 (Feb. 2008) is another version of Window 6.

Now itís Windows 7.

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