Which Punjab Problem should be high prioritized?

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Old 30-Oct-2010
Which Punjab Problem should be high prioritized?

As we all know that Punjab has its own problems which if not fixed on time will harm our coming generations.

Thinking what Punjab did in last 20 years, is doing today and will be in next 20 years, put your priorities to the Punjab Problems.
1 Being highest and 10 being lowest

Some of the Punjab problems are:
Water Problem, (water table going down, subermisble sucking water from 200, 300 feet which nature also cannot restore).
Debt Problem,
Killing of girl foetus,
Youth Unemployment,
Rising cancer cases in Malwa region,
Road accidental deaths, ( there is not even a single day when ajit do not report 4 or 5 accidental deaths on Punjab roads)

You can add more issues which you feel needs to be addressed on immediate bases.

Old 31-Oct-2010
Re: Which Punjab Problem should be high prioritized?

sabton jaldi te health baare karan...je population healthy hi nahi...then baaki sab vadiya hon da fayida vi ki eh....so i think the priority is to have clean water (i heard there's sm prob in water which is causing all the cancer cases), n try to grow smthg else beside rice.....i was reading an article...it said that to grow about 1 kg of rice....it needs 40kg of water....not sure about exact quantity of water though

but yeah...there's tonnes of other things that can be grown....1st it'll solve the food problem...plus the water table going down as well...

baaki aaha debt vagera te prob hai hi....but je punjab maara jeha dimaag naal kam kare....saara debt kad da nikal jaanda...free ch paani vandi jaanda idhar udhar....n khud pehe deke bijli lenda himachal ton

Old 01-Nov-2010
Re: Which Punjab Problem should be high prioritized?

Rano ji ne bilkul sahi kiha ke je health hi ni theek taan bakki cheejan nu ki kerna. I also agree ke water problem nu koi ek insaan ni solve ker sakda. Sabh nu sochna chahida and zameen de according fasal lagani chahidi a. Debt problem taan politicians kerke hoio a, and politicians kade sidhe ni ho sakde . lol. Ek problem mere dimag vich hoor a, jo halle kisse nu dikh ni rahi, per anne walle 20 years vich bahut clear ho jani a, which is, lok khet ( farms ) di zameen te kothian pai jande a. Farming land ghat rahi a. Anne walle 20 sallan vich ethe khet hi ni rehne. Ya kothian honian, ya shopping malls. Jehere khet rahe v, they will be owned by Bhaiya's. Hun di generation vich bahut ghat munde a, jo ke khetti kern vich interseted a. Sabh kool degrees a, ya taan oh baher jana chahunde a, ya fer koi wadiya job or business. Kheti koi ni kerna chahunda. Je tuhanu kisse nu lagda ke eh problem anne walle sallan vich ho sakdi a, taan tusi v apni opinions de sakde a ess bare.

Old 01-Nov-2010
Re: Which Punjab Problem should be high prioritized?

can sum1 please advise y manpreet singh badal expelled from Akali dal Bhajpa

Old 01-Nov-2010
userid 56304
Re: Which Punjab Problem should be high prioritized?

EDUCATION should be the priority.

Par koi Government ney eh ni karna kyunki jeh zimidar tey hor lok par likh gaey tah government dian kartootah da pata lag jana.

Ap hi akal chahidi a punjab di youth nu ki paro......tey apni state nu hor v agey vadhau.

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